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Sep 24, 2021 (09:00 AM) - Aug 31, 2022 (11:11 AM)
September, 24 2021


Become a Member –

Membership is free and will give you access to all the services offered by SwimConnection (add swimmers to your profile, track their performances, email notifications when meet results are in, etc.) Go to

Click the “Signup Now!” tab at the bottom of the screen.

Setup your Member Profile

Login to SwimConnection by signing into your new account at:  When you login to SwimConnection, you will see four tabs “enter meets”, “My swimmers”, “My account” and “Help”.

Enter your swimmers under the “My Swimmers” tab.  Our swimming association is Sierra Nevada Swimming. The registration number is the month, day, year of DOB, first three letters of the swimmer’s first name, middle initial, first four letters of the swimmer’s last name (021407ANNCSMIT)

Under the “My Account” tab, choose Sierra Nevada Swimming for “Show Meets For” and “Yes” if you want to be notified when new meets are posted. (very helpful)

If you have trouble, let you coach know or reach out to [email protected] for help.


Other Awesome Features Available: Via

Swimmer Home Page

Each swimmer has a home page at SwimConnection. If you have swimmers included in your profile, simply click on the swimmer’s link on your home page. You can also access any swimmer’s home page via the swimmers list (click on the “Swimmers” link on the LSC navigation bar at the top of each page). On the swimmer home page, you can:

  • View the swimmer’s best times.
  • View a history of times for each individual event.
  • Convert times to different courses.
  • Compare times against different time standards and see how far the swimmer is from reaching these standards.

Top Results

You can click on the Top Results link (on the LSC navigation bar at the top of each page) to view top times per event, course, and age group. Time eligibility for an Age Group can be computed according to the meet’s date or as today’s date.

Meet Results

Click on the Meet Results link to access meet results. Quick access to event results is possible through links for each event. See all swimmers that attended the meet for a specific team, and see all the times for a specific swimmer.

Online Meet Entries

Click on the “Enter Meets” link to quickly and easily enter a meet online. The system will insert a swimmer’s best times and convert them automatically! Pay by credit card through a secure server and get your personalized meet sheet to take to the meet.


Click on the “Standards” link to quickly view all time standards of interest for your swimmers. All of these standards are available on the Swimmer Home Page to compare a swimmer’s performance against these standards.


Coaches have access to a wide variety of reports to help them keep track of their swimmers’ performances. Click on the “Times Lists” link on the navigation bar.

... and much more!