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CCS Junior Olympics

Jul 22, 2021 - Jul 25, 2021
July, 14 2021


Rules (still waiting for County Approval)

County/district approval for a max of 400 swimmers per session.
o AM session: 11&O preliminary heats / 10&Un timed finals
o PM session: 11-18 finals

All swimmers from outside CCS will adhere to the 2020 CCS JO standard + no bonus.

Maximum individual entries set at SEVEN (7) for the meet. Maximum relay entries at FIVE (5) for the meet.

There will be no time "cap" for 15&O events, this year...meaning there will be no “ceiling” standard that would
disqualify a swimmer from the meet for reaching a time that would be considered inappropriately fast.

We will continue with the following finals heat structure:
o A/B final for 11-12 events under 800m
o A/B final for 13-14 events under 800m
o A final only for 15-18 events under 800m
o All events over 800m will be timed final.

Swimmers over 18 can swim in the meet in the preliminaries only, as exhibition swimmers. Swimmers over 18
are not allowed to swim on relays or qualify to swim in finals.