MLA Dive - Tulip Invite (@HCAC)

Jun 19, 2021 (08:00 AM) - Jun 19, 2021 (03:00 PM)
June, 16 2021
June 17, 2021
(this is a team hosted event)


Who: ALL divers all groups. This is our first of two home meets of the season!  

Location: Holland Community Aquatic Center

Dates: June 19th - one day meet.. 

Cost Per Event: $20 per board. // $20 per synchro pair!

First time Parents: We will be hosting this as a great first meet for your diver. All divers are able to participate in this meet since we will be running our "future champions groups" (divers who have not yet completed a full diving list that can complement missing dives with skill jumps etc...). Please reach out to your coaching staff with questions about this meet.


Meet package will be added for you shortly.