USA Ohio Long Course Summer Championship (Bowling Green, OH)

Jul 8, 2021 - Jul 10, 2021
May, 30 2021


Volunteer Sign Up Link

If you signed up to volunteer, here are your check in times:

Marshals and Announcer check-in at 7:45am

Timers: Enter and Check-in at 9:00am

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We only have swimmers in the morning session each day.  There is positive check in for swimmers each day upon arrival.  We will meet in the same outdoor area as the other Bowling Green meets:  Across the street from the Ice Arena – parents can drop swimmers off in Parking Lot X.  ARRIVE BY 7:50 AM each morning

THURSDAY (#100 Events)

  • Morning - 13 & Overs: Arrive 7:50 am; Meet start 9:35 am; Meet ends 1:10 am

FRIDAY (#200 Events)

  • Morning - 13 & Overs: Arrive 7:50 am; Meet starts 9:35 am; Meet ends 12:40 pm

SATURDAY (#300 Events)

  • Morning - 13 & Overs: Arrive 7:50 am; Meet starts 9:35 am; Meet ends 12:36 pm

Live Stream Links Each Day

Day 1, Session 1 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_HDxi-n4fRk

Day 1, Session 2 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XmbQ8eBWXIE

Day 2, Session 3 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Onag3vrskwc

Day 2, Session 4 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rEE8WcWlDWs

Day 3, Session 5 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GvlV3Yq553M

Day 3, Session 6 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2aCk1zkDsDY

Day 3, Session 7 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NqBnWiC6QJ8









Dear Parents,

Please see this important message regarding Long Course Champs at Bowling Green!

Message from Ohio Swimming: 

Thank you for your patience as we navigate through this unique championship format.  Having only 2 LCM sites with greater interest than facility capacity has made planning more challenging.







The 2021 Summer championship was not intended to have time standards as there are still ripple effects from the pandemic (many athletes did not have meet opportunities over the past 1.5 years).  Because there were only 2 options for a Long Course Meet, the “A” time standard was used as a first pass to control numbers.

With that being said, we have additional space at each of the LCM facilities!  Each team will be able to bring additional athletes, based on a fixed percentage  The percentage was calculated using (1) estimated summer roster numbers, (2) current entries and (3) remaining facility capacity.

This is GOOD NEWS for LTPY! We may add 19 additional swimmers to the Long Course Championship in Bowling Green.   LTPY swimmers age 15 & Older may attend this meet if they sign up (Chris Patterson, Carson Loughrey, Connor Kilrain, Caroline Heym, Meggie Gehring, Alex Chen, Misha Ahuja, Aidan Reitter) -- all remaining openings for Long Course Champs will be determined by the swimmers closest to the A time standard if there are more than 19 swimmers.  All other swimmers can participate in Short Course Champs as well as though that prefer to swim short course vs long course -- we are still waiting on short course Champs info!

Please  sign up by Monday, June 14th and I will confirm by June 15th whether your swimmer may attend Long Course Champs!


  • 13-14 Age Group - Entry numbers will dictate which session the 13-14s will swim.  Facility has a limited number of attendees per sesion.
  • The mile (1500) will be swum between sessions on Day 3.

The following swimmers are already entered in LC Champs: Andrew Barker, Clay Edwardson, Jack Franz, Michael Gaier, Aiden Gaier, Philip Holst, Annabel Long, Annie Lorenz, Keegan McCauley, Mason Miller, Nina Racke, Noah Rumburg, Luke Troutman, Amelia Wells, Isaac Wolfe.

Reminder: Sign up deadline is June 14th.

Coach Chris

May 27, 2021

Penguin Parents!

Sign up is open until Sunday, May 30th for the Long Course Summer Championships!  Attached is the meet packet and time standards to enter the meet.

Swimmers must qualify to enter the Long Course Championships and believe we will be assigned to participate at Bowling Green State Univ on July 8-9-10.  A  local Short Course Summer Championship will also be held for those swimmers who do not qualify for the Long Course Championship and there will be NO time standards to enter that meet.  Swimmers can only enter ONE Summer Championship meet.

To enter the Long Course Championship meet, swimmers must have at least ONE qualifying event and the time must be from a USA sanctioned meet.  If you aren’t sure whether your swimmer has met the time standard, you can check the USA Swimming SWIMS database.  If you suspect a time is missing from SWIMS, let me know by tomorrow.  (Our Intrasquad meet times may not be loaded yet).

Swimmers who have at least one provable entry time for the Long Course Championship meet will qualify for bonus swims as follows: 

  • 1 proven time allows for 5 bonus events
  • 2 proven times allows for 4 bonus events
  • 3 proven times allows for 3 bonus events
  • 4 proven times allows for 2 bonus events
  • 5 proven times allows for 1 bonus event

There are no bonus swims allowed in the 1500M Freestyle.

No bonus swims for 10 & Under 400M Free / IM, 10 & Under 200M Fly / Breast / Back

The 13 & Over 50M Breast/Back/Fly will be available as bonus events only.

Click HERE to sign up for the Long Course Summer Championship meet.

Coach Chris


Based on a recent Ohio Swimming meeting, here is the plan for Summer Championships, but more details coming soon.

There will be a Long Course and Short Course Championship this summer.

Swimmers will participate in a Long Course or Short Course Championship this summer; however, due to limited long course facilities, swimmers must qualify to participate in Long Course Championships by achieving an A time standard (in either short course yards, long course meters or short course meters).  I believe LTPY swimmers who qualify for Long Course Champs will participate at Bowling Green State University on July 8-10 (Thursday, Friday and Saturday). However, if the timeline does not permit or the number of swimmers exceeds Covid protocol, a team may be moved to Miami University Champs the following weekend.  (It is also my understanding that a swimmer can choose to participate in Short Course Champs even if they have an A time standard).

All other swimmers will participate in a local Short Course Championship (more details coming).  There are no time standards for the Short Course Championship.

There will be NO relays; individual events only.

After all results are combined from the Long Course Championship meets, awards will be given for 1st through 8th place.

After all results are combined from the Short Course Championship meets, awards will be given for 1st through 8th place.