STRM June Novice Meet

Jun 23, 2021 - Jun 23, 2021 (11:59 PM)
June, 14 2021


Storm will be hosting a June Novice Meet.  This meet is sanctioned and all times will be eligible for the Last Chance Invite in July.

This will build on our Spring Novice meet which was not sanctioned.  This meet will still very much be a learning experience and go at a pace for swimmers to feel comfortable but it is an 'official' meet.

When: Wednesday June 23rd...warm up at 5:00pm meet begins at 5:45pm

Where: Kenwood Trail MS

Who This Meet is For: AG1/2/3 and Junior Swimmers...if you are swimming Mankato this weekend perhaps you pass on this meet or opt for events you are not doing in Mankato

Eligibility: Slower than Bronze times and No Times (NT)

Fee: $15

The meet will have four other teams participating (Hastings, Northfield, Tigersharks and Piranha's).  We are hoping to have about 70-80 swimmers total in the meet.

Spectators are unlikely.  Based on final entries of teams we can look, but did list no spectators in our original meet info. We will have a live feed for the meet.  We will need 10-15 volunteers where all roles will be able to watch the meet from the deck.