Safe Sport Training

Jun 3, 2021 (09:00 AM) - Jul 27, 2021 (10:00 PM)
June, 3 2021


 This event is to get all the parents involved with Safe Sport training from USA Swimming and TSA (Triangle Swim Association), which is under USA Swimming rules and regulations. Safe Sport is training for everyone to be on the same page with spotting abuse or misconduct between adults and kids, kids and other kids, etc. Luckily, since we are just a summer league and most parents stay and hang out at the pool, we have a bit less to worry about, since there are no over night team trips or other things like year round competitive teams do, it means there really is no chance of anyone being alone or in a situation that puts anyone at risk.

With that said, it is still great we all take the training and undersand what to look for, and how to react if a child or adult ever shares they are getting abused or hurt. It's far better to be empowered, than to be caught off gaurd. This won't be discussed with the kids by me or coaches, BUT I encourage you have have a talk discussing with your children how to protect themselves if ever at any time in their life they are in a situation. 

All the info for how to take the Safe Sport training will be under the events tab and at the bottom of our home page ( under "team functions" , so you can access it any time all season. 

And without further ado, the Safe Sport info: 

Safe Sport

Every Member club is required to have at least one head coach and their TSA rep participate in Safe Sport Training.  It is encouraged that clubs make safe sport training accessible to as many members of their team as possible.  

Here is the direct link for  free trainin g:

Safe Sport Training

Complete instructions for the training:

Select "Safe Sport" at the top tab and select "Athlete Protection Training" or "Parents Guide to Misconduct in Sport for Swim Parents"  You will need to register in as either a USA Swimming Member, or Non Member.  

Once the training has been completed please take a screen shot of the completion certificate and email the image to  Jenny Smith[email protected] ,TSA Secretary.  Please include your club name in the subject line so your club can get credit for this requirement.

 If you have already taken this training in the current year, you can log back into your USA Swimming account at view your competed certificate to forward to Jenny Smith.