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Bluephins Challenge #5

Jun 25, 2021 (04:00 PM) - Jun 26, 2021 (10:30 AM)
June, 18 2021
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BLUEPHINS Challenge #5

June 25 and 26, 2021

Location : BellAliant Centre, 550 University Street, Charlottetown, PE
Entry Fees : Flat fee of $20.00 per swimmer.
Event Entry Limits : Swimmers may swim up to four (4) individual events. A maximum of 3 heats will be swum for the 800 freestyle.

General guidelines:

  1. Only pre-registered spectators will be allowed and only in the viewing area.
  2. Only swimmers in the meet program will be allowed. Swimmers will be designated to Group A or Group B with prescribed entry/exit, washrooms/changerooms and sitting areas that are distanced from each other.
  3.  Only confirmed officials will be allowed.
  4.  Only confirmed coaches will be allowed.
  5. All swimmers, coaches and officials must wear a mask in the facility including on deck.
  6. Swimmers must wear their mask until just before they are ready to race. This includes while waiting behind the block for their swim. Swimmers will wait behind the block ONLY once the previous heat is in the water to prevent mixing between Group A and Group B.
  7. Swimmers in Group A will approach and exit the competition pool on the side of the pool closest to the Multi-Purpose Room.
  8. Swimmers in Group B will approach and exit the competition pool on the side of the pool closest to the leisure pool.
  9. Lane 1 will be used by Group A and lane 8 by Group B for swim down with a maximum of 5 people in the lane. Warm-up/down lanes will be used when available; that is, when not used for heats.
  10. Disqualification reports will be submitted to the head coach after the meet. No notification of disqualifications will be given to coaches during the meet.
  11. Swimmers must come to the pool in their swim suits, ready to race and at assigned times.
  12. Swimmers will exit the pool deck through the assigned change room and wearing their dry clothing. Changing in the change room will not be permitted upon completion of the sessions. Swimmers will exit the Facility staggered in 5 minute intervals via their designated changeroom.
  13. Only 15 swimmers are permitted in the changerooms at one time.
  14. Swimmers, coaches, officials and spectators must exit the facility once completed. No loitering outside the pool deck permitted.
  15. Hand sanitizing stations will be readily available.
  16. Contact information for all swimmers, coaches, officials, volunteers and spectators will be collected to ensure contact tracing can be completed as needed.

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