Peterborough Pentathlon

Jul 31, 2021
July, 7 2021


This meet will be held at the outdoor 50-yard pool at Adams Playground in Peterborough, NH. August 1st is the alternate date in case of dangerous weather (the meet will likely stay on Saturday if there is just rain). 

Meet programs = $2   Refreshments will be available for a reasonable cost. 

Location: 64 Union Street, Peterborough, NH 03458

From Rte. 202 in Peterborough (from Concord, NH)
Turn Right on MAIN ST                         (0.1)
Continue on MAIN ST/UNION ST         (0.2)
Continue on UNION ST                         (0.4)

19 th Annual PWSC Pentathlon

Meet Information


Please do not arrive before 7:00 AM

Our team needs to provide 3 timers in lane #6 for the entire meet. Please come prepared to time (flip flops, hat etc.) Parents can break up the time into two 2-hour sessions (8:30-10:30 & 10:30-12:30) Timers meeting: 8:20.


Wavemaker warm-up time 8:10-8:30

The meet will begin at 8:35. It will end approximately by 12:30 (awards after)


We need officials. Help is greatly appreciated. Officials meeting: 8:10.


Teams will set up on the grassy area to the left of the pool entrance road. No teams on the grassy hill overlooking the pool.

The gazebo and GaGa pits are closed.

Grassy hill beside pool is for spectator viewing only .

Swimmers, coaches, officials, and meet workers are the only people allowed on


Please, no picture taking from behind the blocks. If parents want pictures they

need to take them from the grassy hill or from outside the fence at the turn end

of the pool. You may see a local reporter on deck taking pictures at some point.


A concession stand will run throughout the meet.

Meet programs will be for sale.


Individual and team awards will be presented as soon as results are complete.