2021 MA LC Junior Olympics

Jul 22, 2021 - Jul 25, 2021
July, 8 2021
Coaches, Summer Juniors, Summer Seniors


Long course Junior Olympics are July 22-25.  Thursday, July 22, is only the 1500 Free.  Friday through Sunday are full events.


The meet will be pre-seeded, with the exception of the 1500 Free, 400 Free, and 400 IM. 


10 & Under events will all be timed finals.  11 & Over events will be prelims/finals, with some exceptions.  The 1500 Free will be timed finals.


The 11-12 400 Free and 400 IM will be timed finals, with all heats swimming in prelims.  The 13-14 400 Free and 400 IM will be timed finals, with the fastest heat of girls and fastest heat of boys swimming in the finals session.  There will be A-, B-, and C-finals for all events 50, 100 or 200 meters in length for 11 & Overs, with the exception of events that are 200 meters in length for 11-12s; these 200s will be only A-final and B-final.


Relays will be entered based on availability of swimmers for that session.