IL Age Group State Championships

Jul 22, 2021 - Jul 25, 2021
July, 2 2021
Bronze I Team,National Team,Pack A,Pack B,Silver I Team,Wolf A (Evergreen Park,UIC)


The Illinois Age Group State Championship will be held July 22-25 at the FMC Natatorium (275 Plaza Drive, Westmont, IL 60559).  This will serve as the 14&Under state championship for Illinois and will be a long course meet.  Most of the format is fairly similar to past state meets.  Please read through the meet packet below.

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NEW EVENT ORDER - Due to the size of the meet, the Meet Referee, the Program Operations Vice-Chair, the Age Group Vice-Chair, and the Meet Director have decided to combine the 10&U sessions on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday with the 11-12 and 13-14 preliminary sessions in the AM. This move will allow the athletes a bit more rest (for all ages) and give everyone the best opportunity for success. 10&U events were merged into our existing order of events. Below is an updated event list for each day's prelims to illustrate this change. Finals will be swum as listed previously in the meet packet.

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Meet Schedule - Please note that this is a four day meet that starts on Thursday, July 22

  • Prelims Ages 11-14 - Warm Ups (Thu - Sun) 7:00 AM / Meet Start 9:00 AM
  • Finals Ages 11-14 - Warm Ups (Thu - Sun) 4:00 PM / Meet Starts 5:00 PM
  • 10&U Session - Warm Ups (Thu - Sat) 7:30 AM / Meet Starts 9:00 AM

Meet Format - All Individual Events will be swum as prelims and finals with the exception of the following events: all 10&U events, 11-12 400, 11-12 800 Free, 13-14 400 Free, 13-14 800 Free, 13-14 1500 Free, and the 13-14 400 IM with the final heat being swum with finals for all events except the 13-14 1500 Free (all heats will be swum in prelims). Finals will be the top 18 athletes competing in Consolation Final (9) and Championship Final (9) in all other events.

Relays - Each team is allowed to enter 1 'A' relay.  Relays will be swum as timed finals and will be the first event.

Bonus Events - Swimmers entering and competing in at least 1 individual event are permitted to swim 3 Bonus Events at the meet. Swimmers entered and competing in 2 events may swim 2 Bonus Events. Swimmers entered and competing in 3 events may swim 1 Bonus Event. Swimmers entering 4 or more individual events are not permitted to swim a Bonus Event. The 400 Freestyle, 800 Freestyle, 1500 Freestyle, and 400 IM may not be swum as a Bonus Event. There are no time standards for bonus events, however NTs will not be accepted.

Entry Fees - Individual: $90 per athlete (includes all individual entry fees, facility surcharge, and ISI surcharge).

Entry Limits - A swimmer may enter any number of individual events in which he/she has met the qualifying standard. A swimmer may swim no more than seven (7) individual events during the meet. No swimmer shall be permitted to compete in more than three (3) individual events per day.

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The Registration Deadline is Thursday, July 1 at midnight.  Swimmers that achieve new state times at meets after the deadline will be allowed to be added to the state meet through July 19.  This second deadline is only for new times achieved and cannot be used to improve events already entered.