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Sailfish Summer Splash at MCAC in Charlotte, NC

Jul 31, 2021 - Aug 1, 2021
July, 19 2021


Sailfish Summer Splash at MCAC in Charlotte, NC - EVENTS OPEN FOR CHOOSING - ALL GCY SWIMMERS ARE ELIGIBLE, LAST MEET OF SUMMER (Unless you qualifiy for the US Open)!

  • Face coverings: MCAC’s policy (as I write this) is that all unvaccinated meet participants must wear mask coverings/masks at all times they are in the facility (and not in the pool). There is a possibility this policy will change prior to the start of the meet and we will adapt as needed.
  • MCAC has limited the meet to 500 individuals per session. Therefore, no spectators will be allowed.
  • Warm-ups: lanes have been assigned. Please be cognizant of the limitations as put forth by MCAC. Only swimmers participating in the evening’s finals may warm up for the final’s session.
  • Warm-downs: MCAC will allow 8 swimmers per lane in the warm pool.
  • Locker rooms: to be used only by the swimmers. Adults will use the bathrooms in the hallway.
  • Entry/Exit: Everyone will enter the building from the side hallway door. Exit will be through the doors in the center of the building (the ones you usually go through).
  • Arrivals: athletes should arrive 15 minutes prior to warm-ups.
  • Team seating: will be assigned. See Dwight if you do not have this info.
  • Staging: the Meet Announcement states all athletes must report to the designated staging areas 10 minutes prior to their heat. Due to current MCAC restrictions, this will no longer take place. Swimmers should just report to the blocks at the appropriate time.
  • Dive-over starts: please inform your swimmers that we will be using dive over starts for Timed Finals and Prelims.
  • A Final Parades: Dwight will organize this and we will communicate over the PA.
  • Technical Suits: I am asking for your assistance in enforcing the USAS rule (102.8.1F) that 12 & under athletes not compete in technical suits at this meet.
  • Scratch Rule: please review the scratch rule on page 6 of the Meet Announcement.
  • Coaches on Deck: Please be sure that all of the coaches on your team are currently certified and registered. If you aren’t sure – please email me as I have the list. Any coach not current will not be asked to leave the deck.
  • Swim-offs: will be handled by the Deck Referee. Every effort should be made to complete the swim off as soon as possible.
  • Semper Gumby: defined as “Always Flexible.” This will be the mantra for the meet. As officials, we will work to be as flexible for the swimmer as we can within the rules and sense of fair play. I ask that the coaches work to be as flexible as they can, too. Together, we can create the best outcome for the athletes. And, if I ask you what Semper Gumby is and you don’t know…then I know you haven’t read this far down!