RYWC LCM Senior Invitational (Qual. Only)

Jun 25, 2021 - Jun 27, 2021
June, 22 2021
Age Group,Development Blue,Junior,National,Senior Black,Senior Blue (Pay in Full,Payment Plan)



LOCATION:  Greenknoll Aquatic Center, Brookfield, CT

MEET FORMAT: The meet will be swum as Timed-Finals.


SESSION TIMES: Subject to Change

Friday: Timed Finals – 4:30-4:55pm Warm-Up (Lane 6) / 5:30pm Start

Saturday and Sunday: Prelims – 7:50-8:15am Warm-Up (Lane 5-6) / 8:30am Start Finals – 5:30pm Warm-Up/ 6:30pm Start


  • Swimmers must be at least 11 yrs old on the first day of competition to compete. All events will be timed finals.
  • This meet will not be live-streamed as we are able to open up for spectators.
  • Don't forget your waivers!!
  • Friday:   All parking is in the YMCA main building lower lot.  We will open the indoor pool for a warm-up and cool down at 5:30 pm for the evening swims.  Being that most swimmers are only doing one event it shouldn't be an issue to walk over to the main building pool.  We will let you know on Friday how to access the indoor pool facility.
  • Saturday & Sunday Prelims:  Parking for coaches and officials will be available on the camp group, but spots are limited.  We will be closing off the driveway at the south end of the pool area for spectators.  Spectators may watch from the driveway area along the west side of the pool.  There is no seating so they will need to bring their own chairs.  There is no shade during the day in the spectator area and tents will not be permitted as they have no way to anchor them.  so please let them know that.
  • Team seating will be on the east and south sides of the pool and in the lower field area on the parking lot side of the bridge.  Please keep your swimmers out of the playground. 
  • Remember that this is a trials and finals meet.  The top 18 swimmers will return for a finals swim.  Regardless of their preliminary finishing place, if they cannot come back for finals please scratch them with the clerk of course within 30 minutes of the conclusion of their prelim race.  In the event that we have less than 18 swimmers returning, we will only run two heats at night, and if we have less than 12 returning we will only run one heat at night in any given event.  As of right now, we have more than 18 swimmers in every event, so I hope we don't have any issues with that.
  • We will do 5-8 minute breaks in prelims after each men's event for a warm-up and cool down.  Please only let swimmers in events adjacent to the break use this warm-up/cool-down period. 
  • SCRATCHES DUE: 7:45 am Individual events
  • RAC will need a timer for Saturday Prelims and Sunda Prelims

Saturday and Sunday Finals:

  • Parking is the same as the morning as is the setup for spectators.  We will not do a parade; however, we will announce the swimmers before each heat.  All teams should be able to fit on the east side of the pool for finals but may also use the lower field if they wish.  We will do a 5-8 minute break after each men's event at finals as well for active recovery or warm-up.  Please follow the adjacent event rule. 


ENTRY LIMITATIONS: Swimmers may swim a total of 6 individual events throughout the meet and no more than 3 events per session.