2021 TAGS Long Course Championships

Jul 21, 2021 - Jul 25, 2021
July, 15 2021


2021 Texas Age Group Swimming Long Course Championships& Time Trials

 July 21-25, 2021

Venue: Lewisville ISD Westside Aquatic Center 1750 Duncan Lane Lewisville, Texas 75067

Positive Check In: The 13-14 800 and 1500 Free will be deck seeded and require positive check in. Failure to check in at clerk of course before the deadline will result in the swimmer being scratched from the event. See the Meet Schedule for exact check-in times.

Scratch Rule: Scratching for preliminaries is required. You must scratch a prelim event you will not swim the next day (i.e. scratch deadline for Thursday’s events is 10 minutes after the conclusion of the general meeting on Wednesday; on Thursday by 6 PM you must scratch any event you will not swim on Friday, etc.) See the Meet Schedule for exact times each day. Failure to scratch an event means that event (whether you swim or not) will count as one of your seven allowed events for the meet.

Entry Deadline: The entry deadline is 12:00pm Thursday, July 15, 2021.

Entry Fees: $15.00 per individual event, $30 for relays. A $20.00 per swimmer surcharge will be charged, including relay only swimmers. $3 of this surcharge will go to North Texas Swimming.

Time Trials: $30.00 per individual event.

Deck Entries: $30.00 per individual event, $60 for relays.

Entries: Swimmers may enter as many events as they are qualified to swim but they may only compete in a total of 7 individual events during the entire meet with no more than 3 individual events during any one day, plus 1 relay event per day. Time trial events will count as one of the 3 events allowed per swimmer per day, but not as one of the seven 7 individual meet events.

If you enter more than 7 events, you must scratch the events you don’t want to swim. See “Scratch Rule” above. No-Shows and DFS’s will count towards a swimmer’s 3 daily and 7 total events.

Teams may list up to two alternates per relay as relay only swimmers. Alternates that may be used on a relay at the meet must be entered in OME.

Bonus Swims: Swimmers with 1 regular cut get 2 bonus swim. Swimmers with 2 regular cuts get 1 bonus swim. Swimmers with 3 or more regular cuts get 0 bonus swims. Bonus swim time standards will be used.