NES 15 And Over Championships Hosted By Phoenix Swimming

Jul 22, 2021 (06:00 AM) - Jul 25, 2021 (08:00 PM)
July, 22 2021
July 21, 2021
(this is a team hosted event)


Hi all,
Please find below the information for this weekends NES 15+Over Championships hosted by Phoenix Swimming!  It has certainly be a lot of work - but we are excited for the meet this weekend and to provide our older athletes in NE their first Championship meet experience in almost 18 months!  There is a good deal of info here so please take the time to read through everything.  If you have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out.
Additionally, there will be a ton of extra info that I will be uploading on the website under the meet page so you can always check there as well!
Thursday+Friday+Saturday+Sunday AM (Prelim Sessions):
On deck is 6:45am.  Warmup starts at 7:00am.  Meet starts at 8:30am.
Thursday+Friday+Saturday+Sunday PM (Finals Sessions+Relays):
On deck at 3:45pm.  Warmup starts at 4:00pm.  Meet starts at 5:00pm.
As always, if you are going to be late - please text Lori (978-689-5119) or Matt (603-475-8730).  There is very limited traffic headed up this way so I suspect that won't be an issue but please plan accordingly. With warmups all being OPEN (like at other high level meets) it is super important we secure adequate lane space for our athletes.  The only way to do that is by being on time (or early) to these warmups.  Additionally, it gives the kids plenty of time to go about whatever routine they may have before their races in the morning and at night.
Preliminary relays will be attached to this message/and or the website under uploaded files.

Entries are attached to this email and/or the website.  Please note that because we are the meet host we are under no obligation to pay for events the kids DO NOT swim.  As such, your athlete may be entered in a number of events.  To those ends, Lori and I have spoken to them about what they would like to swim and what they don't want to swim.  If you have questions in that regard they should be able to tell you what they are swimming.

Thursday: choice shirt
Friday: Navy PHX shirt
Saturday: Choice Yellow PHX shirt
Sunday: Character Wins PHX shirt
NOTE:  I understand that everyone may not have this attire.  That is ok.  Its been a difficult year in terms of getting stock (and maintaining it) because of COVID.  We have already found a new t shirt distributor and are working on champ shirts for 15+Overs and the end of the summer Silver championship swimmers.  I fully expect to have full inventory upon our return in September but until then - we are just asking everyone to do the best that they can.
Tech Suits:
We have access to the restrooms and have ample space to change.  Athletes should NOT wear their techsuits to warmup.  They will have plenty of time after warmup to put their suits on.  Remember - with many tech suits they have a limited shelf life - and wearing them for warm up greatly diminishes that.  While this is sometimes unavoidable - this weekend, thankfully, it is avoidable.
Timing Assignments:
Just like at 13-14 Championships - we are going to be covering all of the finals timing assignments in addition to a back up timer for the duration of the meet.  This was really well received at the last meet - and while I understand that some athletes may not make it back to finals - we are encouraging them to come back regardless and time and be supportive of their teammates and team.
Work Assignments:
If your athlete is attending the meet this weekend and you have not yet signed up for a work assignment please take the time to do so.  The link on the website under "swim meets" in the middle, bottom of the page - is operational again.  It's going to take a full team effort to make sure this meet goes off "swimmingly" (haha).
Parking will be in the field behind the pool. Bill Tomamichel has graciously signed up to do Parking at each session so he will likely be taking the lead in that regard.  With that said, this job is, while short in terms of time, is long in terms of potential frustration.  There are a few spots left for our sessions so if you can volunteer to help in this regard please do so.
Tent Setup/Athletes Area:
Since we are running the meet - our athletes will get the best area to setup their tents/chairs.  We will be setting up on the street side of the fence with ABF.  The rest of the teams will be on the softball field.  This area is relatively shaded but if athletes have a tent or chairs they are encouraged to bring them.
All spectators will be on the parking side of the fence.  Tents will be restricted in this area as we need the space for parents to see their kids swim.  We understand that this is the first time many of you have gotten the opportunity to watch your athletes race and we are excited for you to enjoy their swimming - with us - again.  With that said, while it might be appealing to go over to your athletes during the meet - please try and keep your interactions with them brief (bring them some food, water, say good job, etc).  It is wholly important that these kids start to learn how to navigate a meet like this one on their own.  While I am sure this can undoubtedly be frustrating at times - it will pay huge dividends as they start to travel - either to bigger meets, zones, college visits etc.  They need to learn to be independent.
Thanks and if anyone has any questions please don't hesitate to reach out!