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Samantha Cerrone Angel Fund

Jun 20, 2021 - Sep 30, 2021
September, 30 2021


Samantha Cerrone Angel Fund

Samantha, or Sam as her coaches affectionately called her, was a reserved and determined young woman. Often seen cheering at the end of the lane for her teammates, Sam was supportive, kind and compassionate. She had a quirky sense of humor that reflected in her unique fashion sense and a strong love for her friends. Her shy but bright smile every time she went a best time or achieved a goal in the pool was at once endearing and inspiring in its subtle way.  It is without question we will miss her in and out of the pool.  

The New Trier Aquatics Angel Fund is a scholarship fund established in 2016 to provide support for families on financial assistance to have access to equipment, team apparel and competitions. This fund allows for athletes to participate fully in the program as financial hardship should not preclude participation in our program. Through Aquatics programming, NTA supports all members of our community and the Angel Fund helps athletes access all aspects of our program to maximize the opportunity & support that the aquatics family provides. 

Samantha was a consummate giver of time and friendship. She was passionate about many things - but swimming was a big part of her day to day life. At the request of her family, we are accepting monetary donations to the Angel Fund until Samantha's 17th birthday on September 21st in her memory to provide those same experiences for other athletes in our community.  This will be an annual giving opportunity in her memory each year from August 1-September 21 in her honor. 

There are four levels of donation:
Bronze - $25
Silver - $50
Gold - $100
Platinum - $250

There is also an option for additional increments of $50. 

To donate - please click the "Register Online" button on the top right of the screen.

If you would rather donate via check:
New Trier Aquatics
c/o Samantha Cerrone Angel Fund

P.O. Box 407 
Winnetka, IL 60093
Checks should be made to New Trier Aquatics, with "Samantha Cerrone Angel Fund" in the memo. 

All donations are tax exempt and you will receive a confirmation email. 
We will not use information collected for any communication or additional databases.