Bluefin Pentathlon

Oct 9, 2021
October, 9 2021


Host Club

Carrollton Bluefins

Matt Siniard (770-655-7663)

Sanctioned by:

Georgia Swimming, Inc. (www.gaswim.org)

Sanction Number  - Pending

Meet Referee:




Admin Official:


Meet Director:

Matt Siniard ([email protected])


Meet Entries:

Matt [email protected]


Lakeshore Recreation Center
116 Lumpkin Drive
Carrollton, Ga 30117
(770) 832-8828

Lakeshore Natatorium is an eight lane pool with large lane lines and Omega timing with scoreboard. There is also a 15x30 warm-up cool down pool adjacent to the competition pool along with a diving well with two lanes for warm up and cool down. No chairs are allowed in front of the bleachers and no smoking is allowed within the facility area.

The competition course has been certified in accordance with 104.2.2C (4).  The copy of such certification is on file with USA Swimming and Georgia Swimming.  The pool depth is 4.6 feet deep at the start and turn ends.


               The order of events is shown and/or able for download from the Carrollton Bluefin website (www.carrolltonbluefins.com).

           All swimmers must swim the event set to their age group. For example, 8&U 25’s plus 100 IM, 10 & U 50’s plus 200 IM, 11-12 50’s plus 200 IM, Open 100’s plus 200 IM. The swimmer with fastest time over all will be the winner.


             *There will be a bonus relay at the end. 10 and Under Free Relay (7-8 and 9-10) will be 100 and the 11 and Over Free Relays will be 200.*


             Open to all currently registered USA Swimming athletes.  This is an open meet with no time standards.

 Entry Limit:

             Each swimmer may compete in up to five (5) individual events plus one (1) relay.

             Entries will close upon receipt of the team that puts the total number of entered visiting swimmers over 400. If a team’s entries exceed the limit, all entries for that team will be accepted.


  • The current USA Swimming Rules and Regulations will govern the conduct of the meet. Swimmers will be responsible for swimming in their assigned heats and lanes. The Meet Referee may elect to change or combine heats or events. Every effort will be made to notify teams in advance of such changes.
  • The use of audio visual or recording devices, including cell phones, is not permitted in changing areas, restrooms, or locker rooms.
  • Deck Changing (Changing, in whole or in part, into or out of swimsuit when wearing just one suit in an area other than a permanent or temporary locker rooms, bathrooms, changing room or other space designated for changing purposes areas) is prohibited. Swimmers participating in deck changing would be in violation of USA Swimming Rule 202.2.9I and could be subject to removal from further competition in the meet.
  • Operation of a drone, or any other flying apparatus, is prohibited over the venue (pools, athlete/coaches’ areas, spectator areas and open ceiling locker rooms) any time athletes, coaches, officials and /or spectators are present. Exceptions may be granted with prior written approval by the Vice President of Program Operations.



               Any swimmer entered in the meet, must be accompanied by a USA Swimming member coach. Any coach not having current credentials will be barred from the pool deck. Credentials must be worn or produced upon request from meet management. Georgia Scratch rule applies only to deck entered events where meet management places limits on number of heats/swimmers allowed in an individual event


Entry Format:

             Hy-Tek Meet Manager software will be used so please submit entries via Hy-Tek Entry File. Entries must include each swimmer’s first and last name, age, seed times for each event entered, and their USA Swimming registration number. Additionally, a completed and signed ‘Entry Summary and Liability Release Form’ and a signed copy of the entries must be received before the entries are considered complete. Swimmers and Teams cannot participate until their entries are complete. Entries will be processed when complete, on a first-come/first-served basis.

             Email entries should include an attachment representing the Hy-Tek Entry File; an attachment in Word format of those same Hy-Tek entries; and, in the body of the email, a list of all attending coaches with their and the team’s contact information for confirmation of receipt and any and all additional correspondence and meet announcements. Errors in entries submitted electronically are the responsibility of the applicant.

             Email entries may be submitted to [email protected]
Payment and Disk/Hardcopy entries may be sent to:
Carrollton Bluefins Meet Entries
c/o Matt Siniard
P.O. Box 532
Carrollton, Georgia 30112
A confirmation email will be sent to all teams.

Entry Deadline:

             All entries must be received by 11:59 pm, Thursday, September 30th, 2021

Entry Fees:

             Flat fee of $30.00 per swimmer. Out of LSC teams are an extra $2.00 per swimmer.

             Make checks payable to “CPRD”.

Late Entries:

             After the entry deadline but prior to the day of the meet:

             Late entries may be submitted by email to [email protected]

There will be no deck entries.




Georgia Swimming warm-up procedures and rules will be posted and must be followed. Lanes and warm-up times will be assigned and posted at the pool and emailed out to visiting teams

Saturday Morning

Warm Ups at 7:00 AM
Start Time at 9:00 AM


All Coaches must sign-in with the Clerk of Course upon arrival at the meet. USA-S coaches must present their current USA-S Coaches Registration Card or provide proof via the USA Swimming Deck Pass or USA Swimming Non-Athlete Roster. All coaches planning to be on the pool deck must have a valid coach’s card from their LSC


A coaches’ meeting will be held 20 minutes before the start of the meet on Saturday Morning, October 9th at 8:40 AM. One coach or representative from each club is requested to attend since coaches are responsible for any and all information discussed and disseminated at the meeting. Subsequent meetings will be arranged if needed. Coaches arriving late should check in with the Meet Referee upon arrival.

Heat Sheets:

Each team will receive one heat sheet for every coach listed on their proof of entry form provided they check in at the Clerk of Course.


A current coach or a coach member of USA Swimming must supervise each swimmer participating in a USA Swimming sanctioned meet during warm-up and competition. An unattached athlete or an athlete not escorted by a current coach member must check in with the Meet Referee upon arrival at the meet. Such athletes will be assigned a member coach who will supervise him/her during warm-up and competition.


Carrollton Bluefins (CBF) welcomes visiting officials and appreciates their help in conducting this event. Officials and apprentices must sign in with the Meet Referee (or designee) prior to the officials’ meeting, which will be held no later than 30 minutes prior to the start of the session. Officials or apprentices requesting certain positions may contact the Meet Referee as early as possible prior to the meet.

The Meet Referee is To Be Determined.

All officials must present their current LSC Officials Card - or – a recently completed Apprentice Form – and- proof of USA Swimming Membership (card or Deck Pass) upon checking in. Credentials must be displayed on deck and in hospitality. Any official not having current certification will be barred from the pool deck; no exceptions will be made. Copies of the certification, faxes, or letters stating certifications are up to date, will not be considered.

The uniform for all officials is white collared shirt, navy blue slacks or shorts (or skirts for women), and white tennis/deck shoes. Officials are encouraged to bring their own radio and headset.

Parents and Spectators:

Parents and spectators should not be on the pool deck in areas designated for coaches and officials. Persons serving in a volunteer capacity may be in these areas. Flash photography is prohibited at the beginning of each heat of competition. Coaches, please help ensure that your parents are aware of these provisions.


Medals for places 1st through 3rd

(swimmers with the overall fastest times will receive medals)

There will be basic concessions for purchase.


For coaches, officials and volunteers there will be basic provisions of beverages and snacks in the hospitality area.


The Order of Events and the Entry Summary and Liability Release Form are attached below. Visit the Carrollton Bluefins website at www.carrolltonbluefins.com for hotel information and directions.

Meet Management:

Meet Management shall consist of the Meet Referee and the Meet Director.