YMCA Summer Champs (Delaware YMCA)

Jul 18, 2021
July, 8 2021
July 15, 2021
(this is a team hosted event)



Below is Champs information for Sunday and it is also posted on the team website.  Meet results will be uploaded into the USA SWIMS database. 

Attached is the Champs Heat Sheet.  Please print a copy and bring to the meet, and make sure your swimmer’s events, heats and lanes are written on their hands. 

Apparel: Swimmers are required to wear the LTPY silver team cap if hair is below the ears.  Please wear your LTPY t-shirts.  Reminder: Male jammers cannot extend below the knee as this may result in disqualification.  Please make sure your swimmer's suit is good to go and swimmer does not have a know -- suit needs to be tied.  

Warmups: Swimmers are to arrive no later than 7:30 am, find our team area and be ready for warmups.  LTPY warmups are at 7:45 am.  The Penguins will warmup first.

LTPY swimmer / parent camp will be in one of the three assigned Aerobics Rooms.  All teams will be assigned to an aerobic room.  Parents may be on the pool deck for their swimmer’s event, but then must return to camp.  The plan is to have walkie talkies to communicate events on deck and we may need a parent volunteer in the aerobics room to announce events to our swimmers (via walkie talkie). 

Bullpen: There is no bullpen.  Parents in the aerobics room are responsible to get their 8 & Unders to the pool – we have two 8 & Under swimmers.  Parents, please make sure your swimmer heads to the block when their event is called.  I suggest you escort your 10 & Under swimmers to the pool, but please do not go behind the blocks.  Coaches will be there to direct your swimmers.  All other ages should be able to find their way.  

Concessions: There will be no concessions so swimmers should bring water and a light, healthy snack; however, the Columbus Coffee Co truck will be at the meet in the morning and serving coffee drinks, tea, lemonade and shaved ice.  Thank you to the Caldwells for helping kick start the morning!

Jobs / Volunteers – THANK YOU!

  • Pool Setup before Meet – 7:00 am or earlier: McCauley, Cheema, Franz
  • Daktronics Computer Operator - Erasmus, Patterson, Brown
  • Official – Amy Racke
  • Scorer’s Table – Beth Long, Daniel Chen
  • Pass Out Relay Cards to LTPY in the Aerobics Room – Tseng, Bair
  • Timers Session 1 (Lanes 4 & 5) – 9:00-11:00 am: Huang, Zhu, Reville, Davis
  • Timers Session 2 (Lanes 4 & 5) – 11:00 am-end of meet: Bently, Miller, Ginsburg, Gaier
  • Pool Tear Down After Meet: Gao (need more help)

This is the final meet of the summer season, but not the end of fun.  There will be an End of Season Pool Party on Tuesday, July 27th.  Click HERE for details and to RSVP.

If your swimmer will be unable to swim on Sunday, please text me as early as possible.  


Coach Chris


The Columbus Coffee Co truck will be at the meet on Sunday ... coffee drinks, hot and iced tea, lemonade and shaved ice!  Thank you to the Caldwells for helping kick start the morning!

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LTPY WARMUPS 7:45 am - Arrive by 7:30 and find our team area in the aerobics room (not the gym).  

MEET STARTS: 9:00 am

MEET ENDS: 12:45 pm


COST: $20.00 per swimmer


Posted 7/5/21


The meet packet for Y Champs is being finalized, but I have opened up “event sign up” on the team website!  Swimmers may sign up for THREE INDIVIDUAL EVENTS or better yet, write Coach Chris pick in the Notes!  I’ll review and approve events that are selected by the swimmer.  Please do NOT pick back to back events as I don’t expect there will be many heats of each event and swimmer will not get enough rest. 

Swimmers will compete based on age as of May 1, 2021.

We are planning a one session meet that starts in the morning, but that’s pending until the meet packet is sent out.

Click HERE to select your events by July 8th.

Coach Chris

Summer Champs is scheduled for July 18 at the Delaware YMCA.  Please sign up YES if you plan to participate and NO if you are unable to participate.  The number of swimmers entered in the meet will determine whether one or two sessions is needed.  All teams will provide volunteers for this meet.

Plan is to allow spectators on deck when swimmer is competing and return to gym when done.

If you are an AO or official and are available, please indicate in the notes.

Participation in the 2021 Summer Champs will NOT be a requirement to priority register for the 2021-2022 Fall / Winter Swim Team.