MCAL City Meet

Jul 23, 2021 - Aug 1, 2021
July, 23 2021


For updates about MCAL City Meet text: @mcalchamps to: 81010


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Friday - 8&U 

Friday - 9-10 

Friday - 11-12 

Friday - 13-18 

Saturday - 8&U 

Saturday - 9-10 

Saturday - 11-12 

Saturday - 13-18 

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Doro Rebarchak
Scholarship winners: 

Julian Reddix and Kamryn Suits (LFST)

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MCAL Coach
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Cory Brindza (Alpine)

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of the Meet


Information for the 2021 MCAL Meet @ West Mobile Swim Club

Team Check-in: 
The Head Coach for each team should be the person completing this process.  You will receive all deck access credentials, pay entry fees, pick-up team packets, etc. in the pool office.  All coaches need to wear their credentials on their stopwatches, or on a lanyard, or on your belt loop for the duration of the meet.  This room will be open Friday morning at 7:30 am.
Coaches Meeting:
We will have a coaches meeting at 8:20 on Friday morning by the scoring table.
Warm Ups:
Final warmup assignments will be posted Wednesday, June 21. 
  • Swimmers must enter the water feet first, with at least one hand in contact with the wall during all pool entries other than racing starts. The competition pool is 4 feet deep at start - coaches are warned to have deep divers jump off of side to avoid injury.
  • Swimmers must refrain from hanging on lane ropes during warm-ups; clubs will be responsible for damages to lane ropes during warm-up sessions.
  • Lanes are one-way only when practicing of racing starts.
Tentative Session Start Times:

Friday 8&U: 8:30 am

Saturday 8&U: 8:30 am

Friday 9-10: 11:30 am

Saturday 9-10: 11:00 am

Friday 11-12: 2:00 pm

Saturday 11-12: 1:30 pm

Friday 13-18: 4:30 pm

Saturday 13-18: 4:00 pm 

An Awards Ceremony will be held immediately after the end of each session on Saturday.  Tentative Awards Ceremony start times are: 

Age Groups: Start Time:
6U, 7, and 8 10:00 AM
9 and 10 12:30 PM
11 and 12 3:00 PM
13, 14, and 15-18 5:45 PM

Meet workers, including: lane timers, head timer, runners, clerk of course and “sweeps” judge) will meet 30 minutes prior to each session for a briefing.  Meet workers are asked to log in to the REMIND group.  For Remind updates about text: @mcalchamps to the number 81010.

Meet officials will meet 20 minutes before each session.  These meetings will take place in the pool office. Final officiating assignments will be posted ASAP.  
Heat sheets will be posted to the dashboard on Thursday, July 22.  Please download and print your own copy.  We're only be selling a limited number of copies at the pool, $10-15 each. 
Team Areas will be assigned in the area near the volleyball courts.  Teams may setup their team areas/ hang spirit posters on Friday morning.  No posters may be hung on the walls of the buildings. 
Reminders for spectators:
  • No flash photography during the start of a race.
  • No glass containers or coolers will be allowed in the building.
  • No chairs on the pool deck.
  • All posters must be removed at the conclusion of the meet.
  • No spectators behind the starting area during competition. Meet workers only.
  • No spectators on deck during warm ups.
  • There must be an adult supervising each team area at all times, no exceptions.
  • Team areas must be kept up and cleaned at the end of each session. 
As always, if you have any issues/ problems throughout the weekend, find Stephanie Gillis... :)