LC Time Trial - CDSC and Hollyburn

Jul 23, 2021 (02:20 PM) - Jul 23, 2021 (05:00 PM)
July, 21 2021
July 22, 2021
(this is a team hosted event)
Board Members, Coaches, GROUP 1, GROUP 1-3


Please note that CDSC will be hosting a time trial on Friday, July 23rd.  This will be the last competition before the summers end.  Hollyburn will be attending.

Swimmers are allowed to enter 2 events.  

ONLY SWIMMERS WHO HAVE ACHIEVED the PROVINCIAL time for 400's or higher, may enter 400's.  Otherwise, swimmers should enter a 100 and a 200 metre event or just one event depending on what your coach advises.

There is a maximum of 48 swimmers allowed at this event.  At this time, we will only have groups 1 and 1-3 along with Hollyburn take part in order for some swimmers to try for some LCM times.

Meet entry file should be up soon and then you may regsiter for the events online.

Swimmers need to register by 4 PM on Wednesday, July 21st in order to swim at the meet, otherwise they will just come in for warm up and then be done.

Officials will be needed.  Warm up is from 2:30 - 3 PM and the meet will run from 3 - 5 PM.

Masks are needed while on deck.