AZ Short Courst Regional Classic

Feb 25, 2022 (03:00 PM) - Feb 27, 2022 (04:00 PM)
February, 15 2022


This is the meet formerly known as "JOs."  You MUST have an AZ "B" minimum time to enter each event, but not an AZ "A" time (which is a State time.)  It is held in Yuma at the Valley Aquatic Center, so you get to sleep in your own bed and eat at your own table this weekend!  Let's do our best to send a BIG squad of swimmers to this meet!  This meet is also a qualifyer for the AZ Age Group and AZ Senior State meets.  Keep track of your times all season so you know when you qualify for this and all other meets :)  If you have any questions, ask your coach OR text Coach DeeDee at 928-785-6658.