Nov 7, 2021 (02:00 AM)
October, 15 2021
November 3, 2021
(this is a team hosted event)
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Meet Name: 2021 Friendship Mini Meet
Date: November 7, 2021
Location: Providence Rec Center
Age Groups /
8 Year Old and Under
Mini Mako Blue and Mini Mako Gold swimmers
Registration Deadline: 10/15/21

Warm-Ups: 6am

Events Begin: 6:30am

Volunteer Information:  TBD

Meet Information:

  • Spectators are to use the family restrooms in the hallway between the locker rooms or the restrooms upstairs. The locker room facilities are reserved for athletes.
  • No pop-up or camp chairs are allowed on deck or in the stands.
  • All cars must be parked in a marked parking spot in the parking lot.  Illegally parked cars will be towed.
  • Please remind your attending families that no flash photography will be permitted at all and all filming/ pictures must take place from the stands.
  • A friendly reminder: Daylight Saving Time ends at 2am on Sunday 11/7

Please note that entry fees are charged  even if your swimmer doesn't compete.  Although we understand  that things do come up which lead to unexpected absences,  we can not  reimburse  meet entry fees once we have submitted the final entries to the meet directors.