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WCAB Senior Open Meet

Oct 3, 2021
September, 22 2021
September 29, 2021
(this is a team hosted event)


The WCAB Senior Open Meet is October 3, at Clarke Memorial Swim Center.  This meet is for all Senior swimmers.  Enter online a.s.a.p. as this meet will likely fill before the published entry deadline.

Click here for the meet sheet.

Click here for online entries. 

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What does all this mean?

WCAB  - this is our club code and we are the meet host.

Senior Open Meet - this is a senior meet - meaning their are no age groups, and all ages compete together in each stroke and distance.  You can click this link to see the time standards.

Who is eligible?  For each individual event...

  • Senior Open refers to the "Senior Open" time standard.  This means any swimmer over 13 may compete in this meet, and does not have to meet the minimum time standard to enter any individual event.  Swimmers ages 11 and 12 may enter if they have a provable Senior Open time standard in a particular event.

This meet is for all Senior swimmers. - When we post and email the meet info, the post says which groups should enter this meet.  For our team, this meet is for all Senior swimmers (but not for our Purple Prep, Purple, or Gold swimmers).  

Enter online a.s.a.p. as this meet will likely fill before the published entry deadline. 

  • Each family is responsible for entering their swimmers in most meets.  This explains the process.
  • As entries are received, host clubs monitor the estimated timeline of the meet through the entry websites.  Once the estimated timeline reaches the limit, entries are closed and no more swimmers may enter, even if the published entry deadline is days or weeks later.  Sometimes, meets fill in as little as 24 hours.  The important thing to know is that AS SOON AS ENTRIES OPEN, SUBMIT YOUR ENTRIES.
  • Online entries run through two different 3rd party websites.  If you run into any trouble with or, stop and fill out the paper entry form and give it to the coaches at practice a.s.a.p. Then email [email protected] and I will try to help you with the online entries process.

Click here for the meet sheet. - This brings you to the .pdf file of the meet sheet.  This is the official rules of the meet as sanctioned by Pacific and USA Swimming.  It is a lot to read, but chock full of good information.

Click here online entries. - This brings you to the websites mentioned above.  You should start an account with each one when you enter a meet.  You will be using these websites to enter meets through your swimming career.

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Estimating an Entry Time - These are rough estimates on the slow side.  It is always better to be entered too slow than to be entered too fast.

Estimating a 100-yard entry time:

  • Double your 50-yard time for that stroke and add 10 seconds.

Estimating a 200-yard entry time:

  • Double your 100-yard time for that stroke and add 15 seconds.
  • Quadruple your 50-yard time for that stroke and add 30 seconds.

Estimating a 400-yard or longer entry time:

  • Ask your coach.