Winter Age Group Championship Meet

Dec 10, 2021 - Dec 12, 2021
November, 1 2021
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Winter Age Group Championship Meet for qualified swimmers Only

Winter Age Group Champ Information

(Please see attached information: WAG Info, Tentative Timeline, Psych Sheet. 13&O please note you are not in the psych sheet, the meet is having issues with the meet file.Once they make the daily program, you will know your heat and lane. )


DATES:Friday, December 10th - Sunday, December 12th, 2021

LOCATION: Vista Hermosa Sports Park 987 Avenida Vista Hermosa San Clemente, CA. We will not have a team area, suggest brining family canopies and chairs.

COACHES: Friday, Olivia Miles, Saturday & Sunday, Sean Kakumu

CHECK-IN: There is no check-in for this meet. 

SWIMSUITS: TECH SUITS are not permitted at this SCS Age Group Meet for swimmers 12 years old and under. 13& over swimmers may wear Tech suits complying with USA Swimming rules. 

FINALS: A single championship final (10 swimmers) will be offered for 11-14 events, 13-14 events, and 15/UP events. 11-14 events are combined finals; there are no separate 11-12 finals. 

TEAM UNIFORM: Yellow team caps, blue team suits

WEATHER: Cool, bring warm clothes.


10&U Schedule, Timed Finals






11:45 AM

11:00 AM

12:00 PM


~12:15 PM

~11:30 AM

~12:30 PM

Meet Start

~1:15 PM

~12:30 PM

~1:30 PM


The 10&U Time Final session is tentative due to the end time of the Prelim session. We are allowing extra time for proper acclimation and warm-ups. Also allowing for faster run prelim session.

Friday Warm-up Lanes: Session 1, Lane 16, w/ Evolution 

Saturday Warm-up Lanes: Session 2, Lane 3, w/ Buenaventura

Sunday Warm-up Lanes: Session 2, Lane 3, w/ Speed


13&Over Schedule, Prelims/Finals





Prelim Arrival



~6:30 AM

Prelim Warm-up



~7:00 AM

Prelim Meet Start



~8:30 AM

Final Arrival (If qualified)



~3:30 PM

Final Warm-up



~4:00 PM

Final Meet Start



~5:00 PM

Sunday Prelim Warm-up Lanes, 6:30 AM. We will find out the session when we get there.