Delta Friday Races Time Trial

Feb 18, 2022
February, 13 2022
February 16, 2022
(this is a team hosted event)


DELTA Friday Races Time Trial
Oswego East High School
1525 Harvey Rd, Oswego Il 60543

Doors Open: 4:40pm
On Deck: 4:55pm
Warm-ups: 5:00pm
Meet Start: 5:45pm (Approx. end: 8:30pm)

Entry Fee: $10/swimmer
Swimmers may swim a MAX of two events. The events are swum in the order listed, all ages mixed and girls and boys together in one session.  The goal of this meet is to try new events, so swimmers should choose at least one event that is new to them (or a less frequent swum event).

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR CHASE THE DREAM SWIMMERS: You MAY NOT choose events that you are swimming in the Chase the Dream Meet. The idea here to to swim longer events, to try something new or to swim something you didn't swim as often this season. 

*Registration/Changes Deadline: 
No changes can or will be made to our entry after that date listed above.You will be billed if you are entered in the meets based upon your meet sign-up form. Please remember that families will be billed for their entry into the meet once the changes deadline closes. Entries fees are non-refundable. Contact Coach Jessica with any questions/changes.