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Winter Championships (National), Austin, TX

Dec 7, 2021 - Dec 12, 2021
November, 21 2021


This is the Winter 18 Under Championships in Austin, TX.  It comprises the fastest 18 Under swimmers from the western U.S. and has national level qualification time standards to attend.  We have one swimmer attending this meet so far.  Qualificaiton ends after our Gobbler Meet in November.

2021—2022 is going to be a high bar winter championships season followed by a lower bar summer championships season. 

High bar means highest time standard achievement by any swimmer on the team decides the meet, and low bar means the team chooses the championship with the most qualifiers possible.  High bar winter means Winter Junior Championships in December, and low bar winter means CA/NV Sectionals or a Sr Trials Finals Meet in either December or March.  High bar summer means the swimmer with the highest time standard of available meets in order of difficulty to qualify for Sr Western Zones, Futures, or Summer Championships, and low bar summer mean Far Western Champs.

That is why 2021-2022 season there is Winter Junior Championships in December 2021, and Far Western Champs in July, 2022 on our annual meet schedule.  In 2022 - 2023 that would switch to low bar winter championships being CA/NV Sectionals or Travel SR Trials Finals, and high bar summer championships either Sr Western Zones, Futures, or Summer Championships depending on the swimmer of the team with highest meet qualification time standard. 

This allows Truckee Tahoe Swim Team to keep our annual meet schedule to 15 meets for all levels of the team.  9 meets are all ability meets, and 6 are various levels of championship time qualification meets. 

*14 Over High School season will run from late February to May, 21, 2022 with the NV State HS Champs in Las Vegas. 

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