Mini & Distance meet at North Hills

Oct 16, 2021 (07:00 AM) - Oct 17, 2021 (04:00 PM)
September, 27 2021


Mini and Distance Meet at North Hills

1. Parking 

North Hills Senior High School

53 Rochester Road

Pittsburgh PA 15229

Parking will be available in the High School Lot. There is additional parking located at the Middle School


2. Spectators 

  • Per the North Hills School District rules, anyone inside the building must be masked regardless of their vaccination status.
  • Swimmers on deck must remain masked unless they are waiting for, or participating in, their event.
  • We are asking for spectators to please use the gym to wait until your swimmer is about to swim. Then you can make your way to the spectator area and watch the event. We will update everyone on the event number.
  • The event will not be live streamed.
  • Feel free to bring a folding chair and/or blankets for yourself and the kids.
  • To prevent overcrowding, we encourage only one spectator watch their swimmer’s event.
  • There will be concessions. Masks may be removed while eating and drinking.


3. Warm-up times

Saturday/Sunday Morning Mini Sessions:

7:50-8:10am: MMSA

Session starts 8:35am


Sunday Afternoon Distance Session:

12:30-1:30: Open warmups

Session starts 1:35


4. Concessions



5.Live Stream




Make sure you arrive early enough to get on deck, find your team and get ready to get in the water for warmups.  Do not arrive at 7:50am, that is too late.


Saturday AM is Brian

Sunday AM is Sam

Sunday PM is Kathy


Marlins swimmers will remain on deck with their team during the meet and cheer their teammates on. (as much as we are allowed to)

Bring more than one mask, they will get wet.

Bring water and a snack in your swim bag.

Wear your new Marlins gray shirt and/or Marlins jacket(team gift from last season) if you have one.

Wear a Marlins swim cap at all swim meets. (we will have some at the meet if you need one)