CDOG 10 & Under Quadrathon

Dec 5, 2021
October, 5 2021


CDOG 10 & Under Quadrathon

Date:  Sunday, 12/5

Location:  Cheshire Community Pool

Warm-up 7:00a, be there  by 6:45am.

Eligible Swimmers – all 10 & Under swimmers


 If your Swimmer can or cannot attend the Swim Meet, please follow the steps below.
**It is very important that you do one or the other. If you do not COMMIT your Swimmer to the Swim Meet, he/she will NOT be given events.**

You must complete the following steps to ensure your Swimmer is properly signed up:
1) Click Edit Committment
2) Select Yes, please sign [Swimmer Name] up for this event
3) Be sure to select which sessions, your Swimmer is available
4) If you have any comments such as "Needs to leave early", or "Will be arriving a little late", please include those in the Comments Section of the signup page

If your Swimmer cannot attend the Meet, you have 2 options:
1) Click Edit Committment, Select No thanks. [Swimmer] will NOT attend this event
2) Do Nothing

By committing to the Swim Meet, you are agreeing to all abide by all rules, pay all fees, and adhere to all other pertinent information set forth by the Meet Announcement (which is linked to the title of this description).