Lakeside vs. North Atlanta (@LAKESIDE) - SENIOR NIGHT

Jan 13, 2022
January, 7 2022
January 11, 2022
(this is a team hosted event)


Meet: Thursday 1/13, Home vs North Atlanta.  This is SENIOR NIGHT for LHS.  We will honor our seniors before the meet!

  • Our warmups will be from 3:30 - till senior night recognition starts at 4pm – see full details below
  • North Atlanta warm ups 5-5:30
  • 5:30pm Meet Start – diving will be first
  • As always, let Coach know ASAP if you cannot attend.  Text her at 404-729-8635 or email to [email protected].  

Ticket link for Thursday’s meet: 

Senior Night Details

  • SENIOR PARENTS: Please arrive by 3:45pm to the Lakeside pool to get lined up. You will be in alphabetical order.
  • Coach Newmyer wants to start announcing the seniors as close to 4 as possible. 
  • Each senior will be announced separately and escorted by their parents or other family member through the doors to the pool.  The senior’s bio will be read and their photo (w/parents or family member) taken.  Then the parents go to the spectator side of the pool & the seniors go to the far side of the pool and wait for the other seniors to come in.
  • Once all have been announced, the seniors will have the opportunity to jump in the pool for a group celebration.
  • Parents: please consider your shoe choice because the tile will be wet and possibly slippery.
  • The senior posters will be hung in the hall for everyone to enjoy. Please take home your senior's poster at the end of the meet.

Please contact Michelle Webb if you have any questions (404-663-9808 or email [email protected])