Mitchell Swim Meet

Dec 3, 2021 - Dec 5, 2021
November, 21 2021


More information to follow:

Location: Mitchell Recreation Center, 1300 N Main Street, Mitchell, SD 57301.
Course: Indoor 25 yards with wave-calming dividers; Eight (8) lanes will be used for competition; Daktronics timing system with touch pads and push button back up timing system with manual backup. In the event of a timing console failure, meet will continue with manual timing with three (3) watches per lane, each operated by a separate timer. A minimum of one manual stopwatch and one push button will be used on each lane for back-up times. Backstroke flags will be placed fifteen feet from each end of the course. The competition course has been certified in accordance with Article 104.2.2C(4).
Format: This will be a Split meet. Events will be swum as Timed finals mixed gender with results separated by gender and age.
Event Limit: Swimmers may swim a maximum of 10 individual events for the meet, but no more than 5 per day. Swimmers may swim 2 relay events for the meet, but no more than 1 per day.
Seeding: This is a timed finals meet. Swimmers aged 12 & Under have the option of choosing to swim in the Open sessions or Age Group sessions. If choosing to swim in the Open sessions, they may not enter the age specific sessions for the entirety of the swim meet. All events will be seeded slowest to fastest, with the exception of the 1,000 and 500 Free which will be seeded fastest to slowest. Athletes swimming the 1,000 & 500 Free events are required to provide their own counters. All events will be seeded mixed gender. Results will be split by age group and gender.
Awards:  Ribbons will be awarded for 1st – 8th place for each gender in the following age groups: 8 & under, 9-10, and 11-12, for the 12 & under sessions/events and 14 & Under, 15-16, 17 & over for the Open sessions/events. Ribbons will be awarded to the top 4 relay teams in each category. Top 3 teams will be awarded a high point trophy.
Fees:  SD Head Tax:           $3.00 per swimmer
              Individual Events:    $5.00
              Relay Events:          $6.00
              Facility Fees:           $16.00