2022 OH WOR Kelly German

Jan 22, 2022
January, 10 2022



Attached you will find:
- Updated psych sheets.
- - Lane assignments for warm-ups.

- Pool layout (Champs Hall: NAAC, UAC and UASC; Lower bleachers on east side of pool: DCST and WOR; Upper bleachers on east side of pool: COA, WAC, LTPY, HYA, AMFY)

The heat sheets will be e-mailed and posted on the web site late Thursday night. They will also be posted on the wall of the natatorium. Paper copies will not be available for purchase at the meet.

Please note that all 400 IM and 500 Free will swim with finals.
Please remind your swimmers of flyover starts and review the 30 minutes scratch rule for prelims/finals events.
The clerk of course will be located at the bottom of the stairs.
We will post heat sheets and estimated timeline for session 2 on the WSC web site by 2:00 PM on Saturday.

Safety precautions:

Please read the meet book for detailed safety protocols.

Important reminders:
There will be no spectators at the meet.
Each team is allowed 1 volunteer to assist and organize their own athletes in their own team area and to remind athletes to wear a face mark.
All athletes, coaches, volunteers, officials and meet staff are required to wear a face mask at all times inside the natatorium and Championship Hall. Athletes will wear their face mask to the starting blocks where they will be invited to remove it (upon the three short whistles from the meet referee) and hang it on one of 2 hooks under the starting block. Please plan accordingly. You may want to have multiple masks available for your child.

Family restrooms are available for athletes and meet staff. Athletes should come to the pool wearing their swim suit. There is no changing in and out of swim suit at the meet and limited access (restrooms only) to the locker rooms.

No food will be allowed at the meet. Please plan accordingly. Swimmers should consume a large healthy meal prior to coming to the meet.

We encourage reasonable social distancing at all times.
There will be no bullpen.



Live broadcast:


You can watch the meet on facebook. Click on this link: