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SEALs 12 & under meet at Westbrook

Oct 30, 2021
October, 19 2021


This meet is for swimmers 12 & Under only. 

PPSC's warm up time is at 8:45 AM. Please arrive 10-15 minutes early so your swimmer can get acclimated and ready to be in the water on time. If a swimmer arrives late there will not be another warm up time available.

Live stream: The Seals will be live streaming the meet on their Facebook page. 

Spectators: Parents can enter the stands to watch their swimmer race but then must return to the gym. 

Masks: Masks are encouraged for unvaccinated kids and adults.

What swimmers should bring: 
- bring a small snack, or a few small snacks...healthy of course. Swimmers are allowed to leave once their events are completed, however the meet is scheduled to end at 1:00 PM. Snacks will be helpful to get through the morning.
- Water and/or 1/2 sports 1/2 water drink. It's important to stay hydrated!
- Deck clothes! Pool decks can be cool to cold. It is good for the swimmers to have something warm to wear between events (something that can get wet and isn't their clothes they arrive or plan to leave in).
- Two towels. One for during the meet and one for after.
- Extra goggles (in case one pair breaks or one is lost).
- Deck shoes (flip-flops, etc). Not totally necessary, but can also help to keep the swimmer warm