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2022 NCSA Age Group Swimming Championships

Mar 23, 2022 - Mar 26, 2022
March, 1 2022
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2022 NCSA  Age Group Swimming Championships

Orlando, FL March 23-26, 2022

FACILITY:: Rosen Aquatic and Fitness Center, 8422 International Drive Orlando, FL 32819

We are excited to add this national age group championship meet in Orlando Florida to the meet schedule for our 14-Under qualified swimmers.  It is a single age championship meet that attracts swimmers from across the nation.  We are not guaranteed to get into this meet.  We will make our reservation attempt on November 8th, and we will find out shortly after if we are accepted.

Below is our current eligibility list, but we expect we would be able to qualify several more between now and the meet.  We will attempt to reserve spots for qualified and interested swimmers on November 8th.  Once our team is accepted any new qualifiers can be added to the meet.  If you are currently qualified, you must be included in the original reservation - additions are only for swimmers that qualify after the reservation.

They have a generous bonus entry rule that assures all qualified swimmers of having 6 events they can swim, so even if you only have one cut, it is worth considering attending.

Travel arrangements are the responsibility of the participating families, We may organize a 13-Over chaperoned travel group, but as of now, please plan on making your own arrangements.

Eligibility Report  Updated 11/22/21:  Due to the limitation of this report, not all events are shown.  The time standards for all events are in the meet information.  You can also check for qualified entries by selecting your swimmer to be entered.  Times in black are qualified, times in red are not.

Currently qualified swimmers are Tessa Hansen, Allison Gordon, Julianna Drake. Audrey Falkner Worgull, Nora Hansen, Sara Wiedoff, Cate Wisener, Matthew Baumann and Finn Nelson.

Meet Information (includes meet qualifying times)


• Age Groups: 10 & Under, 11-12, 13-14

• 11-12 and 13-14 Preliminary events will be swum in two courses

• All 10 & Under events will be swum in the course closest to the diving well and will be awarded after each event sequence.

• 11-12 & 13-14 Age Groups

          o Individual Events are Prelim-Finals

ª Exception: 11-12 400 IM & 500 Free, 13-14 400 IM, 500 Free and 1650 Free will be swum as Timed Finals with the fastest heat (8 swimmers) swimming at night with the Finals.

          o Relays are Timed Finals, top two heats (16 teams) will swim in the final’s session, and the remainder will                  be swum in the preliminary session.

          o With the exception of the distance events which are swum as timed finals events, swimmers will advance                to finals using the following format

ª A Final: Top 8 fastest swimmers from the preliminaries.

ª B Final: Next 8 fastest swimmers from the preliminaries regardless of age.

ª C Final: Next 8 fastest swimmers in the bottom of the age group (11- & 13-year-olds respectively)

• 10 & Under Age Group

          o All events are Timed Finals

          o 10 & Under events will be swum in the morning.

EVENT LIMITS: Swimmers are limited to ten (10) Individual events for the meet. Swimmers are further limited to no more than three (3) individual events per day.

ENTRY FEES: Individual - $4.00 per event Relays - $15.00 per relay team.

NCSA Membership Fee - $60.00 per swimmer (including relay only swimmers)

ADMISSIONS:  All session passes - $60 Preliminary session - $10; Final session - $10; Children 10 & Under -  Free

VIP All Session Box $1,600 (Seats 8) See meet information.