Club Mountaineer Speedo Invite at WVU

Dec 10, 2021 (07:00 AM) - Dec 12, 2021 (04:00 PM)
October, 19 2021


This meet's entry file from the host is flawed, so not all who can pick times are actually qualifiers.

Please ask if not sure.

Club  Mountaineer

Speedo Winter Invite

Aquatic Center @ Mylan Park

1847 Fitness Way Morgantown, WV 26501




We apologise for the SUPER short time to enter, but we have doubt’s that Pitt’s Christmas Meet will happen so we are pivoting to choose the WVU meet instead.  The WVU meet provides lower qualifying times than Pitt, so more of our swimmers are eligible.  We hope the Pitt meet returns in the future, but for this year we decided to take the sure bet instead of the maybe meet.  We will not be offering the Pitt meet even if it does 


Qualifying times:

USA SWIMMING B Times for 10 & U and 11-12

USA SWIMMING BB Times for 13-14, 15 & Over (15-15 BB times) 

USA SWIMMING 13-14 A times for distance events



$13 per swimmer meet surcharge

plus $10 per event


If we can enter relay events the charge will be $2.50 per swimmer per relay.



We are only offering the Friday Saturday and Sunday events.  We will NOT be attending the Thursday events.

Format for Friday, Saturday and Sunday:

Morning session 13 and over

Afternoon session 12 and under

Evening combined finals


We plan to setup a block of rooms at a “team” hotel for this meet.  More on that as we go.


We are aware that many kids could qualify today/tomorrow at the North Hills meet.  And we will upload their times from that meet immediately when we get them from the meet host.


Again, apologies for the short notice.  In the crazy days of “post”-covid we are subject to not only USA Swimming’s rules and protocols, but also the host team’s rules, the facility’s rules, etc.  We do our best to support our team and provide meet opportunities where we feel they would benefit our swimmers.


Go Marlins!!