SFU/Gator LMR meet November 13-14

Nov 13, 2021 - Nov 14, 2021
November, 2 2021
Board Members, Coaches, LMR, REGIONAL, Senior


Swimmers in LMR, Regional and Senior Groups:

Please sign up early.  You MUST be registered as competitive - so if you are in the Senior group, please check your status and upgrade if you wish to attend this meet.

Swimmers need to be on deck 15 minutes prior to the start of the session and all swimmers must be in CDSC gear while on deck at all times.

Coaches will sign up swimmers for events in which they feel each swimmer should swim.

Saturday Morning - 11&U Sunday Morning - 11&U

Warm up: 8:20am - split *emailed out after entries are confirmed.

Meet: 9:00-11:45am *estimated finish time

Warm up: 8:15am - split *emailed out after entries are confirmed.

Meet: 9:00-11:55am *estimated finish time

Saturday Mid-day - 12-13 Saturday Mid-day - 12-13

Warm up: 11:50am - split*

Meet: 12:30-4:10pm *estimated timeline

Warm up: 12:00pm - split*

Meet: 12:30-4:20pm *estimated timeline

Saturday Afternoon - 14&O Saturday Afternoon - 14&O

Warm up: 4:15pm - split*

Meet: 4:55-7:00pm *estimated timeline

Warm up: 4:25pm - split*

Meet: 5:05-7:00pm *estimated timeline


Important information:

SFU facility rules and access: a. There are no spectators permitted in the building.

b.All coaches, officials, volunteers must show proof of vaccination for entry.

c. Swimmers that are 21 and under are not required to show proof of vaccination.

d. Participants will access the pool deck and change by entry through the main doors of the pool (entry doors to the pool at the deck level inside of the building).

e. During the competition all swimmers are to remain in the viewing gallery until it is approaching their time to swim. The pool deck will be limited to the swimmers in the water for their heat + 1 heat behind the blocks. For the health and safety of the volunteers, additional heats of swimmers will be not permitted to the congregate behind or near the starting blocks.

f. The pool deck is restricted to officials, coaches and swimmers immediately prior to or after their swims.

g. Each team can have 1 chaperone for every 10 swimmers. The chaperones must be in the team’s viewing gallery area and not on the pool deck. The chaperones are to assist with the swimmers being on deck for their swims and returning after. The chaperones are also asked to help keep the team area clean and as dry/safe as possible.

Deck Food: Due to facility regulations, here is no food on the pool deck. Swimmers are permitted to eat snacks in the viewing gallery.

Coaches, Officials and volunteers are asked to have meals and snacks away from the pool deck. Tim Horton and Starbucks are located in the West Mall Building.

Officials: Each participating club will be required to submit a list of 3 deck officals (Stroke and turn judges, and other deck officials) for each session along with your club’s entries. Volunteers/officials will receive complimentary parking. 

*please note that the entry list below may not have the correct event numbers associated with the swimmer's events based on the new age grouping.