Challenge Series Meet - Parkersburg

Nov 20, 2021
November, 20 2021



The Parkersburg YMCA Sharks will again offer a series of meets to allow swimmers an opportunity to swim events that they may not normally be able to swim in YMCA or USAS meets. The meet will be a USAS “Approved” meet allowing both USAS registered and non-registered swimmers to participate. Times from non-registered swimmers WILL NOT be submitted to the “SWIMS” database.


The events will be those that have motivational times in the USAS Rule Book. As such, there is only one event for 9–10-year-olds. The sessions will be held on Saturday mornings between 10:00AM and 1:00PM. To adhere to that timeline, we will be using the USAS “BB” motivation time as a time standard but at an intermediate distance where a swimmer might have a valid time. If the entries become too large, we will lower the time standards in subsequent meets. Swimmers will be allowed to swim two events in each session.

There will be NO entry fee but there will be a $5.00 surcharge for each swimmer. Paid only once. This will go to the WVS Travel fund. There will be no awards. Hytek® single age points will be tabulated over all the sessions.

If entering Challenge meet #2, use ONLY those session events listed as 200”s.

Thanks. The meet is Saturday, November 20. 10:00 warm-up. Since it was only our kids, we started earlier than 11:00 and finished a little after noon.