Fireball Mountain - 13 and over swimmers

Nov 5, 2021
October, 31 2021


We are once again looking to book Fireball Mountain - outdoor lazer tag for our 13/over swimmers. It's been a very well attended event for us in the past as i belive we had around 50 swimmers attend in 2019 and we're looking for another great turn out this year
The spot we are offered is on Nobember 5th during teaches convention weekend from 10am-12am. Depending on our numbers, I will try to reserve one or two busses and we would leave the YMCA around 8:00am, returning around 2:00pm. The cost of the trip would be around $45 (I'll know better once I get the quote back from the bus company) and it would include 2 hours of play and transportation to and from the venue.