2021 Dixie Stampede Winter Championship

Dec 3, 2021 - Dec 5, 2021
November, 8 2021
December 2, 2021
(this is a team hosted event)
Senior Division 1,Senior Division 2,Senior Division Elite ([* ALL Locations *])


********************************BLAST EMAIL #4********************************

PSYCH SHEET, TIMELINE*, HEAT SHEETS:  Can be found at this link

  • All meet information will be posted on the website listed above
  • *The finals timeline is a little deceiving since there are limited entries for the 14&U for the tougher events, meaning the timeline should be shorter for finals.


Athletes will be expected to always wear team gear when outside their hotel room.  Bring team jacket, sweatshirt, team swimsuit for warm-up, team backpack, etc.  Team-colored items like socks, shoes, or accessories are encouraged.


********************************BLAST EMAIL #3********************************

Dixie Stampede SR Travel Trip Info BLAST #3 Thurs Itinerary, Waivers


  • Thursday, Dec 2 Departure: Itinerary attached
  • Sunday, Dec 5 Return: We are still waiting on a timeline so these details are tentative

WAIVERS TO BE SIGNED:  Please sign these documents and email them to [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]. These need to be completed before we depart on Thursday.

  • Release & Medical Authorization
  • Team Travel Policy


********************************BLAST EMAIL #2********************************


  • DEPARTURE: 7:00 am, Thursday, December 2 @ COC Lot 8
  • RETURNING:  Sunday, December 5 (After finals)
  • *The team will arrive at COC after midnight.
  • TRANSPORTATION:  Charter Bus (This is contingent on having at least 30 team members participating)
  • COACHES:  Sean K, Kevin N
  • CHAPERONES:  Sachi Yokoyama, Barbara Ravitz
  • HOTEL:  Fairfield Inn, 1660 S Convention Center Dr, St. George, UT 84790


That cost consists of the following

  • Hotel for the athletes (2-3 per room)
  • Transportation
  • Breakfast (included with hotel)
  • Snacks and drinks
  • 4x Dinners
  • 4x Lunches
  • Canyons will pay for the following
  • Team Dinner for 1 night


BILLING:  The costs will be split into two payments.

  • 1st Payment:  $300 billed Dec 1
  • 2nd Payment: Remainder billed Jan 1

********************************BLAST EMAIL #1********************************


Hello SRE, SR2, & SR1 families,

We have exciting news that we have found a travel trip opportunity in replacement of Husky Invite!  Our team has been invited to attend the 2021 Dixie Stampede Winter Championships in St. George, Utah

The Dixie State University facility is a great venue to host a championship meet and has great energy as soon as you walk in the facility.  Last year, our team attended two different meets (Speedo Sectionals and the Red Cliffs Classic), and our team had a lot of success at both meets.  In fact, it is the same pool where we had a second Canyons swimmer qualify for the US Olympic Trials!  Not only is it a great facility, but the City of St George also, has a great college town vibe with plenty of options for restaurants and hotels.

The expectation is for all qualified athletes (from SRE, SR2, SR1) to participate in this meet and participate in team travel.  This will serve as the final meet of the Fall/Winter season.  Any swimmers with Winter JR Nationals are not expected to participate but has the option to attend.


Reasons for attending this travel trip meet

Opportunity to practice our team values

Connection:  Team travel trips offer a great opportunity for comradery and team bonding.  Some of the most memorable experiences as an athlete will come from travel trips.

Integrity:  The athletes can develop self-discipline and independence.  They need to learn how to take ownership to do the right thing for their performance and the team. 

Courage:  For first time team travelers, it could be a little intimidating, but with a little courage they can overcome those

Passion:  Participating in championship meet as a team can be a lot of fun!  This is a big reason why we do this!

Growth:  Going to new environments truly tests the athletes and gives them new experiences.  Having new experiences is often when people grow the most, and it can create excitement which will elevate performance.

Great Competition:  I was told there were some strong teams planning to attend including Crow Canyon, PASA (Palo Alto), Mission, HRA, along with others.

Swimming indoors during the winter will promote for more success and a better experience.  WAGs or Winter Sectionals can be extremely cold and sometimes wet.



There will be more information coming soon about the travel costs and what it covers.  Please stay tuned.  In the meantime, attached is the meet form, which includes the time standards.