CO Training Trip - Declaration of Interest & Initial Info

Jun 13, 2022 - Jun 21, 2022
January, 20 2022


2022 CO Training Trip

June 13-21, 2022

This is a declaration of interest and in no way commits you to the trip.

Eligibility: This trip is open to swimmers of HS age who are in the Junior or Senior group (so any athlete graduating 8th grade in June of 2022 is eligible).

Eligibility caveat: Athletes attending this trip MUST participate in the Spring season, compete in meets, and have good practice attendance. Good practice attendance means making 90% of the offered practices and attending Saturday practices. Ideally, athletes attending this trip are committed to the entire summer season. After all, we are heading out there to train and we would like to see that training pay-off!

Declaration of interest & commitment dates

To get an idea of our numbers, we ask that you please declare your athlete’s interest to attend this trip between now and January 20, 2022. Declaration of interest in no way commits your athlete to attending. It just helps with preliminary planning of numbers.  Declare interest with a "yes/no" answer above.

Final Commitment:  We ask that by February 1 you solidify your commitment by paying the first of three payments of $400 (checks only and made payable to Piranhas Swim Club). The $400 deposit will be used to purchase airline tickets* which are non-refundable. Second payment will be due on May 1 and final payment will be due after the trip.

* FYI -we are locked into Southwest Airlines for this year’s trip because we have travel credits left over from the cancelled 2020 trip. If you put a deposit down in 2020 and haven’t asked for that refund, all we need is a written commitment for your first payment.

Estimated Cost

I estimate the cost of this trip to be $1200 per athlete.  With that said, we have never hit that price.  In 2016 the trip cost $980 and in 2018 it was $1060.  This covers airline tickets, almost all food (we will go out to eat at some cheaper spots), rental vehicles, gas, pool costs, activities, coach costs, and hotel rooms (3 athletes per room).


This trip cannot happen without the proper number of chaperones.  In the past we’ve had three parent chaperones and the coach.  In 2016 and 2018 there were two female chaperones and one male, in addition to the coach. 

Chaperone duties are as follows; chaperones will drive vehicles, make lunches for the many day trips (we will be provided coolers and utensils to make this easy and possible), and help with the overall safety of the group.

Additionally, every chaperone driving will need to put that rental car on their credit card.  The team will reimburse.  All chaperones will need to become Non-Athlete members of USA-Swimming to satisfy safe sport requirements.  This will entail a background check, safe sport training, and an application to USA-Swimming.

* Below is the itinerary from 2018.  I will look to change it up a bit based on past experiences.  Always making it better!