2022 OH UASC New Year's Invitational

Jan 8, 2022 - Jan 9, 2022
December, 10 2021


Masks are required for all per the UA School Board Meeting Sat Jan 8 at 9:30am.

 Please have masks with you Sat & Sun!!

Click the hyperlink below for the meet info, session breakdowns etc. 

Meet Information New Year's Invitational 

The meet is allowing one spectator per swimmer. See details below. All swimmers will gather and wait for their events in the commons area of the school just outside of the natatorium entrance. There are tables and chairs and benches in the area to sit on and swimmer camp set ups will be welcome. Spectators only will be allowed in the bleacher area, no swimmers. Parents of swimmers are allowed in the commons area of the school too.  We ask that swimmers NOT roam around the school property outside of the common area where they will wait for their events.   Again see details below.


Warm up times, please note arrival times for your swimmer, please utilize swimmer drop off as appropriate as parking will be in short supply close and you will have to search for parking and walk some distance to get into the pool area. In other words be early NOT late please!


General Estimated Timelines

session 1     for 11-12 age group
8:00 - 8:20 NAAC warm up Lanes 7-10 (44)
8:50  - meet start
10:59 - session end time
session 2     for 13-14 and 8 & under age groups
11:15-11:35  NAAC 13-14 warm-up Lanes 4-6 (40)
11:35-11:55 NAAC 8 & under warm-up Lane 4 (8)
12:00 meet start time
2:23 session end
session 3     for 9-10 age group
2:30-2:50  NAAC warm-up Lanes 6-9 (36)
3:15 meet start time
5:00 meet end
Session 4     for 11-12 age group
8:00 - 8:20 NAAC warm up Lanes 7-9 (39)
8:50  - meet start
10:59 - session end time
Session 5     for 13-14 and 8 & under age groups
11:15-11:35  NAAC 13-14 warm-up Lanes 4-6 (39)
11:35-11:55 NAAC 8 & under warm-up Lane 7 share 8 (PHST) (10)
12:00 meet start time
2:42 session end
Session 6     for 9-10 age group
2:50-3:10  NAAC warm up Lanes 6-10 (42)
3:35 - meet start time
5:18 session end
  • Parking will still be a very BIG issue for the UA Meet.  Please plan on arriving 10-15 minutes early, and carpool as you are able. They may have to park in the neighborhoods around the high school, and so parents may need to drop swimmers off near the pool entrance (the large south-facing wall of windows is the pool) and then find parking.  There will be additional activities at the high school throughout the weekend that will congest the parking around the high school.  
  • Covid protocols for the UA Meet are posted below and may still be adjusted - there is a UA Emergency School Board Meeting Sat Jan 8 at 8am, which NOW REQUIRES indoor masks for the meet this weekend.  More details as the meet host is advised. 


Directly from the Meet Host:

1. One spectator per swimmer, please (Volunteers actively working shifts do not count as a spectator.)
2. The bleachers/stands will be reserved for spectators only. Swimmers are not allowed in the bleachers as this will impact UASC's ability to maintain a safe distance between spectators, and wet swimmers in the bleachers/stands will create a slip/fall hazard.
3. Concessions will be available with pre-packaged food and beverage options.
4. This Meet will stream live on the Upper Arlington Aquatics YouTube channel and will be displayed on the large monitors in the lobby directly outside of the Natatorium.
5. UAHS is still an active construction zone with very limited parking. Please be prepared to park in the surrounding neighborhood and walk to UAHS. This is also a great opportunity to remind you of our awesome streaming capabilities available from the comfort of your own home (See #4 above.)
6. Masks are required as of Sat Jan 8 @ 9:30am- the UA School Board has an emergency meeting Sat Jan 8 at 8am, and the Meet Host will let us know of any further protocols.
7. Heat Sheets and Results will be posted on Meet Mobile