BWA January Development Meet

Jan 22, 2022 (09:00 AM) - Jan 23, 2022 (11:30 AM)
January, 1 2022


Please note that this meet is now being held on Saturday Jan. 22 & Sunday Jan 23.

Location: Kroc Center Camden

Events: 4 per day/ Max 8 for weekend - NTS (No Times ARE accepted)

Fees: $10.00/an event 

ESCROW DUE: Is due on January 2nd - 6:00pm- no exceptions. Please email us if you need to know your balance. If you have $10 remaining in your escrow and you signed your swimmer up for 6 events, that means you need to add an additional $50.00. If you are still unclear how escrow works,let us know immediately - not the day before it is due. If you are planning on going away for the holiday - please have your escrow in before you leave.