2022 AGUA MLK Invitational

Jan 15, 2022 - Jan 17, 2022
December, 21 2021
Junior I,Senior I,Senior II ([* ALL Locations *])


1/13 info from the host of the MLK meet.

The updated times are correct ones.


Hello All,

We are looking forward to the MLK Invitational this weekend! You will find seating assignments attached to this e-mail. We will be doing scratch sheets for all sessions. Please feel free to send me early scratches through Friday.
Please review the following reminders:
  1. 1000 Free (Session 2) - Swimmers will need their own athlete or coach timer for this event. 
  2. Live Stream - As a reminder, there will be no spectators. We will have a live stream on our  YouTube Channel.
  3. Vaccination - All swimmers (and coaches/officials) will need to show proof of vaccination each day to enter (12+ two doses; 11 & under one dose). All visiting swimmers will enter through the second-floor entry via the outdoor staircase at the front entrance (1750 York Avenue). Acceptable forms of proof are the Excelsior pass, vaccine card or photo of vaccine card. 
  4. Masks - Masks will be required at all times (outside of warm up and racing). Swimmers may remove their mask once they are lined up on the bulkhead. Masks needs to be put back on before exiting the bulkhead. We will be using flyover starts. Please encourage/remind your swimmers to stay in the water at the completion of their race.Any athlete who is not following this protocol will get one warning and will risk their team being removed from the remainder of the meet.
  5. Timers - We are in need of timers for three sessions! Please let us know if you have any volunteers. They will also need to show two doses of vaccination and follow the same entrance protocol as stated above. Please have anyone interested sign up here
  6. Updated Session Times:
    1. All 12 & Under sessions - no change
    2. 1000 Free and 400 IM - 11:45 warm up; 12:30 start
    3. Saturday 13 & Over - 2:00 warm up; 3:00 start
    4. Sunday 13 & Over - 12:15 warm up; 1:15 start
    5. Monday 13 & Over - 1:45 warm up; 2:45 start
  7. Other Details - Swimmers must arrive in their suits but may change quickly in the locker rooms at the completion of their session. The water fountains are all turned off, swimmers should bring their own water bottles. 
  8. COVID Protocol - 
    1. Click here for an at-a-glance illustration of Asphalt Green's COVID-19 visitor access guidelines. Teams will be asked to follow these protocols,  but should notify me ([email protected]) rather than [email protected]
Please let me know if you have any questions!



Saturday/Sunday/Monday 12 & under: 


End Blue Benches (2) + Corner Deck Space: MAKO 


Middle Blue Benches (2): RAC 


Far End Blue Bench (1): MYM 


Far End Blue Bench (1): STX 


Far End Blue Bench (1): LGAC


Saturday/Sunday/Monday 13 & Over (And Distance Sessions): 


End Blue Benches (2) + Corner Deck Space: MAKO 


Middle Blue Benches (2): RAC 


Far End Blue Bench (1): MYM 


Far End Blue Bench (1): STX 





This is a good chance to make your Sunkissed qualifying times in Manattan.  Location: NYC Asphalt Green —1750 York Ave. (Corner of 91st St. and York Ave.)  

COVID 19 VACCINATION is MANDATORY for this meet!!! 

11 year olds need to show a proof of one dose of the vaccine to enter the building.

12 and overs need proof of both doses.


Formal meet entry deadline is 01/05, however since we are coming as out of Metro Swimming LSC we will be sending in our entries 12/27.