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USA Diving Regionals (8)

May 6, 2022 - May 8, 2022
April, 15 2022


Dive Meet: USA Diving Regionals (Region 8). This is the first qualifying meet to be able to participate on USA Dive Zones and then (hopefully) qualify for USA Diving Jr. Nationals. 

Meet Date: May 6 - 8th (competition). Arriving May 5th! (If for some reason you are not able to attend these dates but would like an alternative meet, please let me know. We have 1 more option for you all) 

Location: Iowa City, Iowa. 

Eligibility: All divers with a JO diving list. For those of you that are new please follow this link to know what each age group needs! If you are not sure if your diver has a qualifying list, please email me. We will be able to let you know though it might take us a bit of time to figure it out as well. We might need to piece together what dives your athlete can do. This event is open for ANYONE. Yes - 5yr old thru 19 yr olds are able to go. 

Hotel: Shari Bayer has done a bit a research for us and is recommending this awesome and fun hotel.  The Graduate.  Alternatively, we do not book this for you, so you can pick what works best for you. We like to keep all our divers together in one place since it makes playing UNO and many other board games easier for them all to spend time.

Entry Fees: Here is where it gets bit tricky. All divers attending are required to have a "competitive diving" membership with USA Diving. So you will be required to upgrade your account if you didnt purchase that when registering. Additionally, fees are $50 plus a $20 insurance fee per athlete per event (total $70 per event). We will be doing a max of 2 events (1 and 3 meter). We will be registering through

Team Travel Fee's: We split the cost of our coaching staff traveling among all those going to the event! Usually it ends up being like $50.

Team Apparel: This is the awesome part; our travel team recieves special gear! We print all these shirts in house but we get them swagged up. Usually this is a $40 - $50 cost but we get a ton of stuff!