YMCA State Championships

Mar 18, 2022 (04:00 PM) - Mar 20, 2022 (06:00 PM)
January, 19 2022



Good news everyone! The NY YMCA State Commission is still hoping to hold a State Championship meet this year, to be held at the Nassau County Aquatic Center. However, they are trying to probe the financial feasability of holding a meet by asking for initial "soft entries" to guage who will actually attend. 

Please indicate your intention to attend the attend the meet and select which events you want to swim by next Wednesday. This DOES NOT guarantee that there will be a meet. It is only for the state commission to see who is committed to attend. A final decision will be made by January 22 (assuming no major policy changed by the state or county). At that point we will shift to formal entries if we are proceding with the meet.

You can swim up to 5 events for the meet assuming you acheived that qualifying times, but no more than 3 events per day. Please see the attached document for qualifying times.