Senior Championship Meet

Mar 24, 2022 - Mar 27, 2022
March, 6 2022


We’re making progress on the Volunteer sign up.  So thank you for that.  But let’s keep going!!!!!!


On the Official side we need to make a little more progress:


Attached you will find an updated Psych sheet and Timeline.  For the Timeline I have added some breaks for the Prelims sessions right after the relays to give the swimmers a little bit of recovery time before the individual events.  Sunday’s Prelim session was pretty quick with the 1000 Free being its own session so I do have breaks after every stroke to slow things down and give the athletes some rest time between events.  It still has us ending that session at 11:40 am.  For the Finals Session I also added the AWARDS breaks.  We will be doing Awards promptly after each “A” final.  Please make your swimmers aware of this. Immediately after they swim their “A” final they should report to the awards area to receive their awards, then they can go to Warm Down pool.  The facility has created podiums to be used for the awards and I hope to have more information by our Wednesday Zoom meeting as to where they will be setup for the quick ceremony at finals.  


Just a quick reminder that Thursday’s 1650 Free and Sundays 1000 Free will both be Positive Check In events.  Athletes will also need to provide their own timers and counters for these events.  Positive Check in for the 1650 will close at 5 PM Thursday Night.  Positive Check in for the 1000 will close at 6 PM Saturday night.


We will have a scratch box that will be located on the admin table next to the control room on deck for all other preliminary events.  This will be open until 8 AM each morning for that day’s events.  We will start printing the paperwork for the Preliminary session promptly at 8 am each morning so please have your scratches in by then. Each morning we will have Relay Cards laid out for your on the admin table.  Please pick those up each morning and get those back to us in the control room and soon as you know the names of your relays so we can get them into the computer and ensure the swimmers get the proper credit for their swims.


Also remember that the Top (10) seeded relays will swim at Finals for each event.  The top (10) seeds in the 1000 Free will also swim at Finals as the first event on Sunday also.


We will be running Time Trials after every Preliminary Session on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  Any event may be Time Trialed as long as we have time to fit it in before Finals.  The forms will be available at the admin table and can be turned in to the control room to David Blake who will be our Admin Referee for the weekend to get setup.