Individual Divisionals (@ Tuckahoe)

Jul 23, 2022 (08:00 AM) - Jul 23, 2022 (02:30 PM)
July, 19 2022
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Every year on the last Saturday in July, each of the 18 Divisions comprising the NVSL holds an Individual Championship Meet (referred to as “Divisionals”) at one of the division’s pools. Each of the six teams in the division sends its two fastest swimmers in each event, for a total of 12 swimmers or two heats for every event. In addition to the individual events that are part of the A Meets, swimmers also compete in the Individual Medley at Divisionals.

Each swimmer can swim only two events at Divisionals. If a swimmer has one of the top two times in more than two events, he/she will be able to pick the events in which he/she wants to participate. This opens up slots for other swimmers. Not all teams enter two swimmers for each event. When this happens, other teams have an opportunity to add an additional swimmer from their team. These slots are filled based on who has the fastest time. Also, on the day of Divisionals, a swimmer may have an emergency or an illness which prevents them from swimming. Other swimmers will have the opportunity to fill those spots.

For seeding purposes at Divisionals, each swimmer’s fastest A Meet time is used. This is true even if a swimmer has a faster B Meet time. If a swimmer does not have an A Meet time for the event, then the swimmer’s B Meet time is used.

No team scores are kept for this meet; it really is for the individual swimmers. The times from each of the 18 NVSL Divisional Meets are collected, and the swimmers with the top 18 times, plus two alternates, are invited to swim in the Individual All Stars.

Please Accept or Decline; this does not guarantee your swimmer will be swimming at Divisionals. This indicates to the coaches that your swimmer will be in town and available to swim if they are one of the qualifying swimmers. Knowing who is available before seeding is extremely helpful to our coaches and streamlines the process. We appreciate your cooperation in this matter.