All Star Relay (@ HAMLET)

Jul 13, 2022 (04:00 PM) - Jul 13, 2022 (08:00 PM)
July, 6 2022
Swim Team ([* ALL Locations *])


Every year on the Wednesday evening after the 4th A Meet of the season, the top 18 relay teams for each event competed at the Division Relay Carnivals are invited to compete at the All Star Relay Carnival.

Just as for A Meets, an email will be sent to those swimmers who have qualified to represent Highlands Swim at the All Star Relay Carnival. It is very important that swimmers confirm their participation via the TeamUnify webpage. A team that qualifies for the All Star Relay will be allowed one substitution as long as three of the swimmers who qualified are swimming.

The All Star Relay Carnival is a scored meet. The winning team is officially recognized and receives a trophy. NVSL also uses the points each team scores at the Division Relay Carnivals and All Star Relay Carnival to seed NVSL teams in the 18 divisions.

Please Accept or Decline; this does not guarantee your swimmer will be swimming at All Star Relays. This indicates to the coaches that your swimmer will be in town and available to swim if they are one of the qualifying swimmers. Knowing who is available before seeding is extremely helpful to our coaches and streamlines the process. We appreciate your cooperation in this matter.