Long Course Registration

Feb 7, 2022 - Jun 1, 2022
February, 7 2022


 Long Course Registration is now open.  Below is the move up list.  If your name is on the list coaches are recommending your move to group on sheet. If your name is not on the list you are being recommended to stay in current group.  This is not a bad thing.  Usually swimmers stay in each group for a year or two to help develop their skills.   If you have any questions about placement for summer please reach out to your coach.  Coaches emails are below.

To register Click Button top right of page that says register online.

Orange, Blue, Bronze -  Coach Amy  [email protected]

Silver- Coach Christine - [email protected]

Gold - Coach Seamus - [email protected]

AGE - Coach Chris - [email protected]

Senior/SRE - [email protected]

Move Up List

Group Descriptions