2022 KP Summer Long Course Blast

Jun 24, 2022 - Jun 26, 2022
June, 14 2022
Bristol Piranhas,Elementary Blue,Junior White,National Gold,Pre-National Silver,Senior Red,Summer League & Beginner (Bristol TN High,Kingsport)


2022 Kingsport Piranhas Summer LC Blast


I have linked updated meet reports, including the meet information as well as posted to our event page on our website. 
Linked here, Coaches/Officials Registration Forms are due by Wednesday 6/22/22. 
Please look over psyche sheets and attached reports. I will accept scratches and new swimmers can be added , until Tuesday.
Please Note the following:
  • The Kingsport Aquatic Center capacity limitations have been lifted
  • Link for: Coaches/Officials Registration Forms 
  • Here is the link for volunteers to sign up to help: Volunteer Sign-up Form 
  • We will provide coaches and officials breakfast, pastries, and snacks as well as dinner on both days. Due to liability concerns, the Kingsport Aquatic Center has insisted that this be offered to Officials, Admin Staff, and Coaches only. NO swimmers or dependents.
  • The Entry Doors to the Aquatic Center for the general public, coaches, officials, and volunteers will open at 4:00 PM on Friday; 8:00 AM for the morning sessions on Saturday & Sunday; 3:15 PM on Saturday for Finals & 2:15 PM on Sunday for Finals
Start Times For Saturday & Sunday:  Link for Session Timelines For KP 2nd LC Summer Blast
  • Start times for Friday PM 5:15pm; Saturday & Sunday Pre-Lim Sessions 9:15 AM; Saturday Finals 4:30 PM & Sunday Finals 3:30 PM 
  • Warm-up times for Friday 4:30 PM - 5:00 pm; Saturday & Sunday Prelim Warm-ups are at 8:30 AM - 9:00 AM
  • Finals warm-ups on Saturday at 3:45 PM-4:15 PM 4:15 pm & Sunday Finals warm-ups are at 2:45 PM - 3:15 PM
Parking Information
  • The Kingsport Aquatic Center & Kingsport YMCA have asked for swim meet participants to park in the designated areas in front of the water park for both days as a courtesy for their members wanting access to the YMCA.
  • There is overflow parking available if needed at the lower level of the Marriott parking lot. 
  • Parents can drop swimmers and spectators off at the front entrance and proceed to the appropriate parking area.
Building Access: (see attached map)
  • Swimmers will enter the pool through the wet corridor area and proceed to team areas. 
  • Officials dressed in their whites will pass through and check in with Tom Schumann
  • Volunteers will report to the Administrative table when they arrive to check in and verify positions.
  • Spectators will enter the lobby and proceed to the entry doors at the shallow end pool entry for each session. Spectators are not allowed in the competition pool area and must observe from the spectator area
Swimmers not assigned to a bleacher area should bring deck chairs for their comfort. Please make sure you do not block any walkways and door entrances. Swimmers will not be allowed to set-up or camp out along the walls of the competition pool. We are asking them to stay in their assigned team area.  

Team Areas are as follows(please see attached map):   Link for Team Seating Assignments and Flow Chart 
  • ACAC - large bleachers at end of warm pool
  • KP -  upstairs deck area in corner (deck chairs recommended)
  • BSC/CKA/VST/BYU/UN-SE  deep end partition wall on warm pool side (deck chairs recommended)
  • BAQ & FRST - wall area on warm pool side (deck chairs recommended)
  • MHAC - large bleacher on spectator side in front of Party Room A
  • RACE - small bleacher area on spectator side next to large bleachers
  • XA - wall area by lobby area near splash pool
Coaches  will have chairs spaced along the spectator bleacher side of the pool for coaches only. You can also bring your own chairs if you so desire. Swimmers will exit the pool area after each race to the spectator side so they can talk to their coach and then proceed to their team area or warm down lane - 1. Coaches and officials hospitality will be available in Party Room A.

Bull Pen Staging Procedures for heats
100, 200, 400, 800 events:
  • Heat 1 - will report to the blocks and wait for the referee to signal their heat to the blocks which will occur once the preceding heat finishes their race and exits the pool,  We will be doing fly-over starts. 
  • Heats 2 - will report to the chairs along the wall behind blocks  
  • Heats 3 & 4 - will stage in the chairs lined up along the glass partition pool wall facing the spectator side of the HMG Competition Pool. 
  • Additional heats - will stage along the partition wall of the competition pool and move into ready chairs as their heat is called.
  • All 50 meter races will start from the shallow end starting blocks on the bulkhead. We will follow the same staging procedures for the 50s,  just reversed in the direction towards the bulkhead end on the same side of the pool
  Locker Rooms, Restrooms are assigned as follows  
  • Swimmers under 18 - Family restrooms and locker rooms in wet hallway
  • Coaches, officials, volunteers - family restrooms in wet hallway, restrooms on pool deck
  • Spectators - bathrooms in lobby
   Volunteers are needed so coaches if you have any parents available to help we have need for the following:   Volunteer Sign-up Form  
  • Officials 
  • bullpen staffing 
  • awards table
  • runners
  • timers, volunteers, and officials hospitality
  • check-in tables, and door monitors
  • announcer

MEET FORMAT: Meet management reserves the right to adjust the number of heats, lanes, and warm-up times based on the number of entries; to combine events as needed; to move age groups to different sessions based on the timeline and number of entries to facilitate competition and the timeline; to make any necessary changes during the meet to provide the best competition environment for the athletes.

  •  All Friday events will be timed finals.
  • In Sessions 2 & 4, the top 8 swimmers for each gender in the 12&Under age groups will return for Finals on Saturday and Sunday; 
  • top 16 in the 13-14 age groups and top 16 for the 15 & Over age groups on Saturday and Sunday
  • The order of heats will swim the B Consolation           heat followed by the A Championship Final heat.
  • The 400 meter free, 400 meter IM, and 800 meter free will have a positive check-in and seeded fastest to slowest. These events will be swum mixed in gender and scored separately by age and gender in the following age groups: (12&Under 400 free) 10&U, 11-12; 13&Over 400 Free 13-14, 15& Over; (Open 400 IM & 800 free) 12&Under, 13-14, 15&Over. These events will be swum as timed final events. Swimmers must provide their own timer for the 400 free and 400 IM events, and timer and counter for the 800 free events.
  • Mixed Relays are any combination of mixed sexes (ie.3 boys+1 girl)

SCRATCHES: Swimmers qualifying for finals and consolation finals must notify the Meet Clerk within 30 minutes of the announcement of qualifiers for that event if they do not intend to compete. Any swimmer qualifying for a final or consolation final race in an individual event who fails to compete in such final race shall be barred from swimming his or her next individual event of the competition unless such failure to compete is excused by the meet referee for cause.

Awards Presentations for theTop 3 in each event will be held during the 10 minute breaks during finals. High point awards are after the conclusion of the Finals on Sunday. We will bag all ribbons and high point awards not picked up for each team. Please remember to pick yours up from the awards table at the conclusion before you leave the meet. Heat winners will be presented with souvenir luggage tags for every heat for Preliminary and timed final events.

Digital heat sheets will be posted to the event page on the Kingsport Piranhas website at by Thursday.   Meet Mobile will be active by Thursday with heat and lane assignments for swimmers and results.  I will post the heat sheets on our website and email them to you on Thursday June 23rd. Heat sheet copies will be posted on the walls by team areas and in spectator areas.   Heat sheets will not be offered for sale at the meet.

Warm-Up and Timing Assignments: Warm-Up and Team Timing Assignments are linked here. Link For Team Warm-Up & Timing Assignments Timers need to report for their initial meeting 20 minutes before the start of the session for a timers meeting. Competition will be conducted in lanes 1-6 for the timed final and preliminary sessions with warmups and warm down available in Lane 1 during the meet. Also, we will open the pool during the 5 minute breaks. Please enter lane 1 opposite of the starting end, NO STARTS ALLOWED FROM LANE 1 BLOCK during the meet. During the Finals sessions, warm-up & warmdown will be available during the scheduled 10 minute breaks in the competition pool. THE PALMER CENTER WARM POOL IS NOT AVAILABLE AND IS CLOSED FOR THE ENTIRE MEET

Any questions on warm-up or team timing assignments should be directed to Jorge Blasini. 

Thanks for your support
Jorge Blasini
Kingsport Piranhas