Divisional Meet 2022

Jul 30, 2022 (07:00 AM) - Jul 30, 2022 (11:30 AM)
July, 23 2022


Seahawks and Seahawk Parents:

This is a lengthy e-mail, so please read all of the information.

  • Meet Location.  Cheshire Forest Pool, 500 Cheshire Forest Drive, Chesapeake.  Directions from GCC are posted on our website.  Please arrive at 7:00 and check in with the coaches.  Our warmup period will be determined on Monday night and this page will be updated.
  • Entries will be sent out by e-mail.  Entries will also be viewable on the website and OnDeck app.
  • Division Tee Shirts.  Tee Shirts will be sold at the meet for $ ??.  They may be pre-ordered, however checks for shirts are due at morning practice, Monday, August 2. The shirts are available in XXL ($ ??) and XXXL ($ ??) for parents needing those. Forms are available at the pool in the handout box or you may order them when coaches call for Divisional Entries. Parents may order extras. All money must be paid early morning in order to be delivered to Divisinal Meeting Monday night. 
  • Volunteers:  We still need to fill following positions ASAP.  Please reply to this email to sign up for a position.

o   Head Timer: 

o   Stroke and Turn (1/2 Meet):  We need 3 who have attended VBSL training this year (online counts?)

o   Timers (Using our CTS and buttons with our scoreboard):  (1/2 Meet): We need to provide 3 volunteers per half.

o   Clerk of Course for Centralized Clerk of Course (1/2 meet) – 2 volunteers

o   Lane Clerk (organizes one lane of swimmers-GCC has Lane #2):   2 Volunteers needed per half.   There is one posted at the starting end.  2nd person to handle the relays at the far end. 

o   One runner for half the meet.

o   One time scorer for the scoring table.  1/2 meet.

o   Ribbons:  1 volunteer

o   We will also need parents to assist with organizing our swimmers to get them to the Centralized Clerk of Course.

·        Officials Meeting:  The Officials Meetings will be at 7:30.  This includes clerks of course, scorers along with the usual stroke and turn officials and timers. 

·        Half Time:  There will be a warm-up period at half time for any swimmers swimming ONLY in the second half – I suggest they arrive by 9:00 am.  Swimmers who swam in the first half should NOT warm up during this time.  There may be a parent relay during half time – one relay team per division team.

·        (IMPORTANTCheshire Forest pool deck area is limited, so there will be limited seating allowed on the pool deck except for coaches.  All chairs and tents must be setup outside of the pool deck, preferably near each team’s “zoo area”.  Each event will be announced, and the parents of swimmers for that event will walk into the pool area and stand to watch the heats.  After the event, the parents should leave the pool deck so that the parents for the next event’s swimmers may watch their children. 

·        PARKING:  Only those with parking passes or a handicap placard (4 spots available) will be allowed to park in the parking lot.  There will be a drive-thru area in front of the clubhouse where people can be dropped off.  Parking will be crowded on the street.  Please avoid blocking mailboxes and driveways.

·        Swim Caps and “body art”.  Other USA, High School, College team caps are prohibited by VBSL rules. We encourage our Seahawks to wear their team uniforms and caps, and minimize any body writing, especially keeping it non-offensive.  Let’s have the Seahawks “set the example instead of becoming the example.”

·        ALL Stars– TBA..

Go Seahawks,

The Seahawk Board