MSC Summer Splash

Jun 24, 2022 - Jun 26, 2022
June, 14 2022


Location: Munster High School, 8808 Columbia Ave., Munster, IN.

Details: Swimmers are limited to four individual events per day, no more than 10 events total. 

Event Fees: $5/event plus $2/swimmer IN swimming fee.
Meet will be billed upon acceptance of our meet entry by the meet host.

Timers: We may be asked to provide timers.

Warm-up & Start Times: Times listed below are approximate times and will be finalized by the meet host prior to the start of the meet.

Session Events On Deck Warm-up Start Time
Friday 1650 Fr 1-2 1:15pm 1:30pm 2:15pm
Friday PM (All) 3-14 3:45pm 4:00pm 5:00pm
Saturday AM (12&U) 15-30 6:45am 7:00am 8:00am
Saturday PM (13&O) 31-40 11:15am 11:30am 12:30pm
Sunday AM (12&U) 41-58 6:45am 7:00am 8:00am
Sunday PM (13&O) 59-68 11:15am 11:30am 12:30pm

Delta Swimmers may wear technical suits at this meet. Scroll to the bottom of the page for more info.

SPECTATOR: There will be ADMISSION for the MSC Summer Splash Invitational $5 – session OR $15 weekend pass

ADMISSION: Heat Sheets – FREE via Meet Mobile + live video

FOOD AND FACILITY NOTE: Coolers are not allowed in the Aquatic Center. There is no food or drink (except water) allowed in the pool area. Glass containers of any type are not to be anywhere in the Aquatic Center (especially on deck). Please clean up after yourself. You must stay in the pool area; you will not be allowed to go into any unauthorized area. No radios, balls or flash cameras will be permitted. Failure to comply with the rules stated above may result in expulsion from the meet and/or the facility. We at MSC are looking forward to having a safe and fun swim meet!!!!